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Elinchrom Rotalux Squarebox 70 X 70cm

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The Elinchrom Rotalux Squarebox is made for head and shoulder portraits, products or for use in smaller spaces. The catchlight can be similar to windows. The quality of light is outstanding because of it's construction and the internal diffuser provides the softest and most even light possible.

The easy mounting Rotalux system is probably the most widely copied of all softbox systems. However, it is easier to copy a design than it is to make a quality product and it remains the best unit in it's class. The Rotalux is extremely easy and fast to assemble and when it comes time to pack it away it collapses quickly like an umbrella and can be stored in the included padded carry bag ready to use again with only the click of a few snap locks.


  • Designed for super fast assembly.
  • No need to break down when packing away.
  • Internal diffuser supplied to soften the light.
  • The padded Carrying Bag is included.
  • Heavy duty Diffusing and reflecting fabric.
  • Grey rip piping, professional finish.
  • Redesigned locking with wing nut.
  • Redesigned snap locks.
  • Optional Rotagrid to help direct light.
  • Optional Hooded Diffuser, reduces the spread of light.
  • 24 month warranty
  • Lightweight Speedring is sold separately.

Elinchrom users are not the only ones who can take advantage from the Rotalux softbox system. There are now optional adapter speedrings for other brands of studio flash. Only one adapter ring is required for any shape and size of Rotalux. 

Please note the Speedring is not included and must be ordered separately and is made for the below brand flash units.

  • Elinchrom
  • Profoto
  • Bowens / S Type
  • Broncolor
  • AlienBee
  • Hensel

The Elinchrom Rotalux series of softboxes have some optional accessories to help soften or control light.

  • The optional deflector set takes advantage of the unique Elinchrom central shaft to modify the softness / hardness and colour like no other softbox system.
  • The optional Hooded Diffuser limits the spread of light for a more directed light control.
  • The optional Rotagrid can be used to control light like grids do on reflectors. 

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