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Elinchrom Skyport Speed Universal Receiver

Elinchrom EC82844
0000031490| Elinchrom Skyport Speed Universal Receiver
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About the Elinchrom Skyport Speed Universal Receiver


The new Elinchrom EL-Skyport SPEED Receiver boasts a host of new features including support for higher sync speeds of up to 1/250s with DSLR cameras as well as featuring improved housing and switches, LED Status, the ability to trigger cameras using the sync port (requires special cable, sold separately), and is very lightweight with a small and unobtrusive form factor. 


The Universal SPEED Receiver is compatible with Classic Elinchrom units and any other flash brand. Delivered with EL - standard sync cable and 3.5 mm jack, to connect to other flash brands. The internal, rechargeable Li-Ion battery provides about 30 hours of battery operation. To maximise battery life, the Auto-Standby function activates when the unit is not used for 4 hours. The charger can be connected to the mains whilst the Universal Receiver is in operation. The status LED shows charge and operating modes.


·         Super small.. only 6.5 x 4.5 cm

·         Ultra lightweight.. only 54 g including the rechargeable battery

·         New housing design with improved touch and function buttons

·         Improved compatibility to non Elinchrom Camera Flashes

·         Camera Remote Function, the Universal can shoot remotely Nikon / Canon cameras. This feature requires special Camera Remote cables.

·         Speed Sync function to sync cameras up to 1/250 s

·         Increased distance range by 20% in Normal Sync mode.

·         Status LED: Flashes once every 5 s in Normal Sync mode

·         Status LED: Flashes twice every 5 s in Speed Sync mode

·         Status LED indicates the Charging mode

·         The LED indicates the Battery status

·         Can be used with external Battery Backup Pack’s for charging and operating the Universal Speed up to 60 hours.

·         New PC- 3.5 mm Sync Adapter

·         Reduced distance range by 40 – 50% when used with the Speed Sync mode


What’s in the box?


1x ELS Universal Receiver SPEED

1x Sync cable 40 cm, 3.5 -3.5 mm jack 11122

1x Sync cable 40 cm, 3.5 - EL Standard Sync 11123

1x Sync Adapter 3.5mm - PC female 11126

1x Sync Adapter 6.25 - 3.5mm jack 11125

1x Wall Adapter Charger




NEW... Two synchronisation modes, STANDARD and SPEED


·         The “Standard” mode is fully compatible with previous EL-Skyport versions.

·         The SPEED function is available for Ranger Quadra AS, BXRi 250 / 500 , D-Lite-it and all other units, when used with the Universal Speed.

·         Up to 1/150s shutter speed for SLR cameras in NORMAL mode.

·         Up to 1/250s shutter speed for SLR cameras in SPEED mode.

·         Up to 60 m range indoors for STANDARD mode and up to 40 m in SPEED mode.

·         Up to 120 m range outdoors for STANDARD mode and up to 70 m in SPEED mode.


EL-Skyport Speed Facts


·         3.5mm SYNC-socket for all common flash units.

·         The Li-Ion battery recharges in approx. 3 hours.

·         Auto-Standby function after 4 hours.

·         Internal rechargeable battery lasts up to 30 hours.

·         Integrated Quick-Charge circuit.

·         The LED indicates charge and operating modes.

·         Interference free operation with 40 Bit security.

·         Switch to select 8 Frequency Channels; for example between separate working areas.

·         Switch to select 4 Workgroups; adjusting and synchronising individual units or groups.

·         When used with the EL-Skyport wireless software, this module is recognised as a flash unit and accepts both triggering and “Flash- Delay” settings; where sequenced flash may be required.


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