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Elinchrom Skyport Transmitter Eco

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Category: elinchrom, Lighting-&-Studio-Radio-&-Optical-Slaves-Radio-&-Infrared-Transmitters

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This Elinchrom Skyport ECO Transmitter can be used as a spare transmitter for the EL Skyport Universal Receiver and Elinchrom flash units with a built-in EL Skyport Receiver, such as the D-lite-it 2 / 4, BXRi 250 / 500 and the Ranger Quadra AS.

Once you use it the reason for its inclusion becomes obvious. The unit is tiny and lightweight, yet is able to trigger a flash at distances up to 262' with a battery that lasts for up to 30,000 flashes. Flash sync is a fast 1/200 sec. in Standard mode and a faster 1/250 sec. in Speed mode. The 4 channel unit has 40 Bit security encryption and compatibility with EL Skyport PC / Mac software 3.0.

Speed Sync Feature, enables fast synchronization with SLR cameras up to 1/250 sec.
Super lightweight and small
Battery life up to 30,000 flashes
Distance range is approximately 164' (50 m) in Normal Sync and 98' (30 m) in Speed Sync mode
4 frequency channels, no group settings
Status LED flashes once or twice depending on if Normal-or Speed Sync mode is selected
The LED indicates the battery status. At low LED brightness, exchange the battery


Synchronization Specs Speed mode: up to 1/250 sec. - Fully compatible with previous EL-Skyport versions
Standard mode: 1/160 - 1/200 s
Available for Ranger Quadra AS, BXRi 250 / 500 and D-Lite it and all other units, when used with the EL-Skyport Universal Speed.
Channels 4
Security 40 Bit Encryption
Range Indoors: Up to 164' (50 m) in Standard mode and up to 98' (30 m) in Speed mode
Outdoors: Up to 262' (80 m) in for Standard mode and up to 131' (40 m) in Speed mode
Battery Life Up to 6 months - over 30,000 flashes
Operation Test trigger button and feature button
Integrated hotshoe
Modes Standard mode and Speed mode
Software Configure EL-Skyport with the new EL-Skyport PC / MAC software 3.0
Dimensions 1.96 x 1.57" (5 x 4 cm)
Weight 0.9 oz (26g) (including battery)

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