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A Skyport EL receiver is now built-in, meaning not only remote, wireless triggering regardless of obstructions, at distances up to 120 meters, but also powering up and down or on and off with complete control of the modeling light. Eye-Cell is particularly handy when using the BX-Ri with the on-board optical slave to sync cameras with pre-flash or red-eye function. The photographer simply programs the number of pre-flashes specific to the camera or lets the BX-Ri do it automatically.

Flash duration is an extremely fast 1/1558 sec., capable of freezing action without blur. Of course, that would be academic if your strobe didn't recycle fast enough to keep up with the energy on the shoot. Elinchrom has that covered with recycling times of 1.45 sec. (115V) at maximum power.

Purchasing a BXRi monohead gives you the key to one of the most extensive arrays of reflectors and light-shaping tools available, including the legendary Octa bank. Additionally, virtually every independent manufacturer of light modifiers makes Elinchrom compatible products.

Using your gear overseas can sometimes be problematic but the BXRi is a world-citizen, accommodating power requirements from 90-260V via auto-detection circuitry. Now you can avoid the hassles and uncertainty of overseas rental, while bringing Elinchrom quality along wherever the job is.

Built-in Skyport Triggering
Built-in El Skyport radio receiver enables non-line-of-sight flash triggering at distances up to 394 feet (120 meters) and complete control of the unit including powering up or down and modeling light

Visual Flash Confirmation Setting
Modeling lights dim and turn off when triggered and turn on again when recycled.

Ready Beep Sound Length
The length of the recycle/ready beep can be changed from 70 to 490 m/seconds.


When using BX-Ri's in optical slave mode with cameras or pocket flashes with a pre-flash, user can program the number of pre-flashes or have the head automatically program on its own.

Power & Modeling Lamp Steps
Power and Modeling Lamp can be adjusted in 1/10 step increments. Modeling lamp can be reduced and increased to match units with lower power.

Accessory Compatibility
Fully compatible with Elinchrom's extensive line of reflectors and lightbanks and stands

Structural Integrity
Rubberized grip handle with high-impact, robust body shell and temperature-controlled fan.

Maximum Watt/Seconds: 500 x2
Guide Number: f/90 @ 1m @ISO 100, 1/250, with 48° Reflector
Recycle Time: 115V:1.45 sec @ full power, 0.34 sec @ min power
230V:1.13 sec @ full power, 0.36 sec @ min power
Flash Duration     1/1558 sec.
Flash Variability: 5 f/stops: 31 - 500 Ws
User Replaceable Flashtube: Yes
Changeable Reflector: Yes
Modeling Light Wattage: 100W
Voltage Stabilization: Yes, +/- .5%
Flash Ready Indicator: Ready Light/Open Flash, Switchable Audible Beep
Operating Voltage: 90-260VAC, 50/60Hz
Sync Voltage: 5VDC
Built-in Slave Cell: Yes
Circuit Protection: 2.5A AGC Modeling Lamp Fuse, 8A AGC Flashtube Fuse
Fan Cooled: Yes
Auto Dump: Yes
Dimensions for each light: 26 x 19 x 14 cm
Weight for each light: 2 kg

Included Accessories

2x BX 500 Ri 500Ws monolights,
1x Skyport Universal Radio Transmitter
2x 25.5" square softboxes
2x16' sync cords.
1x Monolight bag


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