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Emolux DLP Circular Polarizing Filter - 52mm

michaels camera video digital EC102546
Emolux DLP Circular Polarizing Filter - 52mm
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The Emolux DLP Circular Polarizing Filter - 52mm is designed exclusively for usage on digital cameras. This high quality circular polarizer is used to increase color saturation and contrast of digital pictures. It also enables the removal of reflection from non-metallic surface such as glass and water. With the new Low profile filter ring, it is suitable for usage on wide angle lens without vignette issue. Lens cap and additional filters can also be securely mounted.

Main Features
• Compact and light low profile self rotating ring
• 30% lower in height as compared to conventional polarizer
• No vignette when used on wide angle lens
• Increase color saturation of digital pictures
• Removal of reflection from non-metallic surfaces
• Black matt filter ring prevents internal reflection
• Inner threads for mounting lens cap or additional filter

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