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ENSIGN SELFIX 1620 MODEL II (120 Film) - Professionally Checked

michaels EC107793
ENSIGN SELFIX 1620 MODEL II (120 Film) - Professionally Checked
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  • For Collector's and for Users
  • C. 1950
  • Made in England
  • Uses 120 Film
  • 1 5/8" x 2 1/4" format
  • Ross XPRES 75mm F/3.5  Lens is free from scratches, fogging, fungus and has been professionally cleaned.
  • Albada push-button auto-erecting finder is clear and bright.
  • Epsilon 8 speed shutter works at all settings.
  • Focus is smooth as silk
  • Bellows is complete and free from any damage
  • CAUTION : This camera has a quirky defence mechanism where by it will prick your finger with a sharp needle if you attempt to fire the shutter without cocking it first! (see pic)
  • Another quirk of British engineering is that the Epsilon shutter needs to have the speed set before it is cocked, otherwise you will not get the full range of shutter speeds to choose from.
  • Comes with a 120 metal film spool.

As IS - No warranty

Please note : All images displayed are original photos taken of the actual item for sale. 

Serial #: H7754
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