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Epson EB-905 Multimedia Projector

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Category: A/V-Presentation-Projectors-Multimedia-Projectors, Epson

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Epson is pleased to introduce the Epson EB–905 3LCD Multimedia Projector. Powerful and easy to use, this projector offers low cost of ownership, and ease of maintenance. Beautiful crisp, clear images make the EB–905 is the ideal choice for use in a wide variety of Corporate and Education environments.


  • Powerful 3,000 Lumens Light + Colour Light Output – The EB-905 is capable of being used in bright environments such as classrooms and offices.
  • Wide Ranging Connectivity – The projector has a high level of connectivity allowing you to input a wide range of devices including HDMI, LAN, mic and VGA.
  • 1.6x Zoom Lens – Enabling installation in a wide range of mount placements
  • Network Functionality - Operate and monitor from a remote location
  • Long Life Lamp – Extends maintenance cycles and reduces the total cost of ownership
  • Wireless Connections – Free the room from complicated cables, allowing you to transmit both sound and images


Light + Colour Light Output of 3,000 lumens – The Epson EB-905 is capable of producing a bright image of up to 3,000 Lumens Light + Colour Light Output. With this powerful projector you don’t have to dim the lights or close the windows in order to see a bright, clear image.

Wide Ranging Connectivity – The EB-905 is very versatile in the classroom or office, featuring a host of input options. The units boast a HDMI, Video, S-Video, 2x VGA, USB A & B, Mic, RS232C, Monitor Out, Audio In + Out, and LAN inputs. 
Easy integration and advanced connectivity features allow you to evolve your classroom or office as you incorporate additional technology. This projector can also be connected directly to the Epson DC06 to help facilitate effective presentations and lessons without the need for a PC.

1.6x Zoom Lens – The high level zoom of the EB-905 provides installation flexibility, allowing the unit to be place in a wide range of mount placements. This feature could allow you to mount the new projector unit in pre-existing mounts, avoiding the cost and time of setting up a new mount to suit the projector.

Network Functionality – With Epson Network monitoring and control software (Easy MP monitor), a single PC allows you to see which projectors are available and if they are running efficiently, even across the largest of networks. This series can be configured remotely, and you can receive instant email alerts for pre-defined critical indicators such as non-functioning devices or overheating lamps. Using this feature you can be sure that all projectors are operating correctly and be certain that all units are turned off at the end of the day and in the process, save time, money and reduce drain on the environment.

Long Life Lamp - Lamp life for the EB-905 has an impressive 5,000 hours in high brightness mode or an amazing 6,000 hours in low brightness mode. We even back our lamps with a full 12 month, 750 hour* lamp warranty giving you the peace of mind. By the time you need to change the lamp in any of these products, you may have changed up to 2.5 lamps if you had used a competitor’s product from this category.

Maintaining the EB-905 is easy even when ceiling mounted. Changing the filter or lamp is a simple in-situ, end-user changeable operation meaning you don’t require the additional expense of a visit from a service agent.
*Which ever comes first

Wireless Connectivity - With the addition of the ELPAP07 Wireless LAN Unit, the EB-905 becomes a part of your 802.11 b/g/n wireless network. For incredibly easy peer-to-peer wireless connection on the fly without the need for additional software, add the ELPAP08 Easy MP quick wireless connection USB key.

PRODUCT TYPE Entry Level Multimedia Projectors
PROJECTION SYSTEM RGB Liquid Crystal Shutter Projection System
PROJECTION METHOD Front / Rear / Ceiling Mount
LCD Size 0.68 inches with MLA
  Driving method Poly-Silicon TFT Active Matrix
  Pixel number 786,432 pixels (1024 x 768) x 3
  Native resolution XGA
  Aspect ratio 4:3
  Pixel arrangement Stripe
  Refresh Rate 50Hz-60Hz
PROJECTION LENS Type Manual zoom / focus
  F-number 1.51 - 1.99
  Focal length 18.2mm - 29.2mm
  Zoom ratio 1.0 ~ 1.6 Digital
  Life (estimated) 5000Hr# (High bright), 6000Hr# (Low bright)
# Subject to operation and environmental conditions.
OPTICAL SYSTEM Dichroic Mirror Separation & Prism combine method
SCREEN SIZE (PROJECTED DISTANCE) 30 to 300 inch [0.84 to 8.4m] (Zoom: Wide)
30 to 300 inch [1.36 to 13.9m] (Zoom: Tele),
  High Brightness Mode 3,000 Lumens Light Output
3,000 Lumens Colour Light Output 
(Colour mode: Dynamic, Zoom: Wide)
  Low Brightness Mode 2,400 Lumens Light Output
2,400 Lumens Colour Light Output 
(Colour mode: Dynamic, Zoom: Wide)
CONTRAST 2,000:1 (Auto Iris On)
COLOUR REPRODUCTIVITY Full colour (16.77 million colours)
VIDEO QUALITY 3D Y/C separation (NTSC only), Motion compensated Interlace-Progressive conversion (2-2, 3-2 film detection)
SOUND OUTPUT 16W monaural
PIXEL CLOCK 13.5MHz to 162MHz
VERTICAL 50Hz to 85Hz
PROJECTOR / REMOTE CONTROL Brightness / Contrast / Tint / Saturation / Sharpness / Input Signal
Colour Temperature / Tracking / Position / Sharpness / Volume e.t.c.
TILT ANGLE 0 to 16 degrees

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