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Fujifilm QuickSnap Superia 800 Outdoor 27 Exposure Disposable Camera

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This all-weather camera is ready for anything. It's ideal for shooting outdoors in wet and snowy conditions, and even operates up to 10 feet underwater!

The FUJICOLOR QuickSnap Waterproof is desined to make a splash with marine sports fans. Loaded with high-speed, fine-grained SUPERIA 800 film, this waterproof camera lets you take photographs in and on water or elsewhere, even on overcast days. The perfect companion for beach, field and stream � anywhere an ordinary camera might be damaged by moisture or excess humidity. The QuickSnap Waterproof lets you enjoy water sports, skiing, fishing or climbing.

Film FUJICOLOR SUPERIA 800 (ISO 800/30�) 135 24 + 3 exp.
Lens 32 mm f/10, fixed focus lens
Shutter Speed 1/125 second
Exposure Conditions Outdoors on sunny or overcast days
Subject-to-Lens Distance Open Air: Beyond 1 meter (3 ft.) (Outdoor daylight bright or cloudy-bright)
Submerged: Between 1 to 3 meters (3 to 10 ft.) (Outdoor bright daylight clear water)
Finder (of the main unit) Inverted Galilean-type Plastic Lens Finder
Water Resistance (Pressure) Depth of up to 5 meters (17 ft.)
Size 73 (H) x 133 (W) x 42 (D) mm (2 4 /5 x 5 1 /4 x 1 2 /3 in.)
Weight 170 g / 6 oz.
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