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Gary Fong Lightsphere Dome Kit (Amber Dome, Chrome Dome , Powergrid)

GARY EC91585
Gary Fong Lightsphere Dome Kit (Amber Dome, Chrome Dome , Powergrid)
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The Gary Fong Lightsphere Dome Kit is contains three light modifiers for use with the Lightsphere Universal, Lightsphere Collapsible, and Lightsphere II Cloud series of diffusers.

The AmberDome (also known as a 1/4 C.T.O. filter) is for the Lightsphere Cloud, providing the feel of warm lighting of your subject. It is particularly useful when shooting outdoors at dusk or early evening, outdoors in open shade or when shooting sunsets when the sun is behind the subject. This dome will not work with the clear Lightsphere domes.

The ChromeDome increases light output dramatically. It incorporates an open top that allows clear light to hit the ceiling and a chrome-plated kicker panel which blows light forward. The light is also blasted into a bowl section that further increases the amount of light output. It comes with a collapsible adapter ring.

The PowerGrid lets you focus your off-camera light into areas you want to highlight and create a variety of special effects such as elongated shadows.

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