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Hama Right Angle Flash Extension Cable 10 m

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A flash sync cable is an essential part of any studio photographer’s kit if they use professional or semi professional flash heads, connecting the flash head to the sync socket on the camera body in order to triggering it in sync with the release of the shutter. However, most synch cables being about 5m in length are not always long enough, especially if shooting in a large room or studio where the camera may need to be a considerable distance from the flash unit. 

Hama ‘Right Angle’ Flash Extension Cables gives you the extra length that you need in such situations with this particular one extending your potential range from camera to flash by a generous 10m. With an angled socket at one end to plug into the flash synch cable and an angled plug at the other to plug into the camera, the extension couldn’t be simpler with the 90° connection designed to help prevent the plug being accidentally pulled out of the camera during use a you missing that great shot. 

Compatible with the majority of digital and film based cameras that possessing a flash unit, the high-quality cable is designed to provide you with reliable and timely triggering of the flash with no additional delay from when just the synch cable alone was used. With Hama you can be assured that your subjects can be captured at the desired distance and angle in the perfect light with minimal hassle.


Connection  PC Plug / PC Socket

Length: 1000 cm / 10 m

Colour: Black


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