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Harman Inkjet Gloss Fibre Base Warmtone Alumina A4 320 GSM Photo Paper 50 Pack

Harman EC101288
Harman Inkjet Gloss Fibre Base Warmtone Alumina A4 320 GSM Photo Paper 50 Pack
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Harman Inkjet Gloss FB Al Warmtone is a premium quality, nanoporous paper on a true photographic fibre base.

The base for this product is specially chosen to give creamy whites and velvety blacks and makes it the professional choice for inkjet black and white photography and portraiture.

It is designed to produce instant dry high-quality images on a wide range of photo-dedicated inkjet printers, using dye or pigment inks.

Uniquely the paper incorporates a layer below the ink-receiving layer called Baryta. Baryta is a special coating that is traditionally applied to fibre photographic paper base prior to coating with the emulsion layers.

The technical benefits of this layer include greater detail and definition, extended tonal range, and excellent archival properties.

In addition, Baryta coated fibre papers have a unique look and feel which have become the standard for fine art photographers worldwide over the course of more than a century.

The paper contains Alumina, which gives a high degree of glossiness, optical image density and vibrancy.

  • Harman Inkjet Gloss FB Al Warmtone A4 50 Sheets Photo Paper
  • Unique air dried surface finish
  • Wide tonal range and deep blacks
  • Enhanced shadow and highlight detail
  • Fibre base inkjet media with new anti-curl technology
  • Real photo fibre base look and feel
  • Instant dry
  • Compatible with dye and pigment inkjet printers
  • Excellent archival qualities

Cat #: 1155789

Batch #: 45DZL1C14

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