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iFootage Mogopod + Wheel Bundle

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This Mogopod Bundle from iFootage has got to be one of the most flexible monopods you can get your hands on, with the added fuctionaility of the Cobra Wheels from iFootage, makes this bundle a must have.

iFootage Mogopod

Our mogopod was designed to allow the shooter to carry less, be mobile and have the ease of deployment. As we all know you have to be there at the right place and the right  time so you don't want to be late for that moment.

When it comes to flexibility, the grip end of the mogopod has your usual 1/4 screw for your camera but if you had other equipment such as a video head that uses a 3/8 screw, unscrewing the platform will reveal a dual ended screw with both sized screws for your equipment. How neat?

If we were a skincare manufacturer we will probably be a leader in the industry because the main stem of the mogopod is also covered by aging resistant foam to increase stability by removing the minor vibrations you may generate whilst holding it as well as adding comfort and sound absorption for those videographers. Now nobody will see your foam wrinkly.

 Whilst we're talking about the stem, another unique feature of the mogopod is the drive system that quickly deploys your mogopod with just two twists and a pull. This can be achieved by our unique design where all 3 sections of the mogopod simultaneously extends as you pull the stem out.

Since we understand using the mogopod may put you in spots where the ground is uneven causing you to readjust your camera tilt, we also included a precision ball joint head with our ball and socket having only ± 0.05mm tolerance which in turn, helps the socket to achieve a locking strength greater than other similar sized ball heads available today.

The features of the mogopod does not stop here, using the same unique locking mechanism to the wildcat, we have utilized this onto the tripod leg add-on to the mogopod which is also inclusive in the package, just a simple twist of the black locking nut rotates the red locking plate whch releases the 3 legs and reversing the action will quickly and securely lock the legs in place. All these features being able to fit into one package? And only weighing in at 1.1KG, I think we might have broke the laws of physics here guys.

Cobra Wheels

Cobra Wheels is the perfect multi-functional assistant for every shooting scenario. It firmly attaches to just about anything thanks to the unique design of the clip and can be fastened on objects ranging from 16mm to 32mm in diameter, such as the branch of a tree, railing, a desktop , and many others.

Aerospace aluminium alloy and stainless steel are the main materials of Cobra Wheels. While the SUS stainless steel in the adapters keeps rust at bay, the aluminium alloy in the Cobra Wheel is corrosion and heat-resistant and lightweight. Our superior imported bearings guarantee damping vibration and fluent movement, convenient when slide shooting.

Paired with the iFootage Mogopod, the Cobra Wheels becomes a smooth slider in situations where you need to shoot from ground level.

Unfolded length 165cm
Folded Length 77cm
Self Weight 1.11Kg
Loading 3.5Kg
Material Anodised Aluminium


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