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Ilford Multigrade IV Fiber Based, Variable Contrast (8 x 10", Matte, 100 Sheets)

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This is a 100 sheet box of Multigrade IV FB Fiber Based Paper from Ilford. It is a premium quality variable contrast black and white paper on a double weight 255g/m2 with a bright white fiber base. It can be used for a wide variety of purposes from general printing to exhibition prints. Multigrade IV FB Fiber Based paper is fully compatible with all multigrade printing filters. It is equally suitable for printing from conventional negatives and from XP2 Super negatives.

Fully compatible with all existing multigrade filters and equipment
The speed of Multigrade IV FB Fiber depends on the filtration used during exposure. Multigrade IV FB Fiber unfiltered, has a paper speed of ISO P500
Multigrade IV FB Fiber responds in the same way as other fiber base papers to the usual techniques of toning, chemical reduction and retouching
Can be mounted using the standard techniques for fiber base papers

Product Highlights

  • Double Weight / 255gsm
  • Premium Quality
  • Compatible with All Multigrade Filters

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