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Ilford Ortho+ 8X10In Film 25 Sheets

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Category: ilford, Photography-Memory-Cards-&-Film-Sheet-Film

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ILFORD ORTHO Plus black and white copy film is designed for many applications. It is particularly recommended for continuous tone copy work, with no sacrifice in quality when the original includes line work. The blue and green sensitivity enables the film to be handled in red safelight and allows processing by inspection. This versatile film allows you to fine-tune the contrast by the choice of developer, the exposure given and the development time. It is possible to achieve an accurate reproduction of most black and white originals, or to maintain a clean background in copies of combined line and continuous tone originals.

The characteristic curve of ORTHO Plus copy film has been optimised to ensure the tonal range of the original image is maintained. This is different to conventional films, which can give a dull, flat result when used for copying. The qualities of a high resolution film with precise contrast control is just what is needed for photomicroscopy. ORTHO Plus copy film is highly recommended for this application.

ORTHO Plus copy film is coated on 0 180mm/ 7-mil polyester base, well known for its high dimensional stability and strength. The film is protected by an efficient anti-halation backing which clears during development. If processed and stored properly, ORTHO Plus copy film has excellent archival storage properties.


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