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Jinbei 130cm Deep Parabolic Silver Umbrella

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The umbrella remains the fastest and easiest way to soften a studio flash, and for that reason, continues to be used by many photographers. This large 130cm size provides a larger light source than a standard size, and is ideal for lighting larger objects or a group of people.

The deep parabolic shape of this umbrella provides more intense focused light on the subject than a standard umbrella.

A 16 rib umbrella creates a rounder shape than an 8 rib umbrella, and provides a more flattering catchlight in the eye, and more natural looking reflections in product photos.

The silver internal material of this umbrella provides the most efficient reflective properties, and is a popular choice when you need as might light as possible. The strong direct light and specular highlights makes a silver reflective umbrella a popular choice for product and fashion photography.


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