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Jinbei 70cm Honeycomb Grid Panel For Beauty Dish

Jinbei EC91314
0000311995| Jinbei 70cm Honeycomb Grid Panel For Beauty Dish
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About the Jinbei 70cm Honeycomb Grid Panel For Beauty Dish


When using a beauty dish the option to adjust the light coming from it can be desirable. This can be done in a couple of ways but one of the more popular options is to use a grid. Gridding is often utilised with soft boxes and offers similar characteristics when paired up with a beauty dish. Out of the box, your Jinbei 70cm Beauty Dish allows an approx. 65 degree light beam. Adding this Jinbei Honeycomb Grid will focus your studio flash to approx. 40 degrees. This helps isolate your subject from the background, increases the light fall off and really adds some drama to your shots.

Perfect for fashion, beauty and boudoir photography the Jinbei Honeycomb Grid for the 70cm Jinbei Beauty Dish is a fantastic and affordable addition to your lighting kit. ??Constructed from lightweight alloy, the Jinbei 70cm Beauty Dish Grid is durable and easy to use. Attaching the grid to the front of your beauty dish is easy thanks to the simple clip system.

Jinbei's range of lighting and accessories offer premium quality products for the enthusiast and professional alike.

Designed for use with the Jinbei 70cm Rarar Beauty Dish
Alloy construction

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