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Jinbei Black White 40" Photographic Reflective Umbrella

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A highly portable, versatile lighting solution designed to soften, broaden and enhance the quality of flash lighting with minimal effort.

This professional Black/White reflective umbrella is made of nylon material, and the lightweight is easy to use and assemble. It's designed for portraits and product shooting of larger objects. It gives your camera the best performance and suitable for all studioand external camera flashes.

The umbrella is 40" (102cm) diameter with White inside, Black outside. It is made of nylon material, and is lightweight and is easy to use and assemble.

Black/White umbrellas offer the perfect surface for portrait lighting. It is both soft and very efficient.

The umbrella features a 62cm shaft with locking mechanism, a round 8-panel design ensuring pleasing catchlights.

Features & Benefits
• Parabolic-shaped reflector - which provides large circular light source to render circular catch light in eyes
• Versatile - the reflective white fabric is less specular than a silver umbrella.
• Folds down - like a traditional umbrella which makes it easily portable.

Inner Surface: White
Outer Surface: Black
Folded Length: 62cm (approx)
Diameter: 102cm (40")
Shaft Diameter: 8mm


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