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Jinbei Discovery 1200 Standard Flash Head

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Category: Jinbei, Lighting-&-Studio-Strobe-Lighting-Monolights

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You will greatly appreciate the professional nature of the Jinbei Discovery 1200 Standard Flash Head. This top of the line professional studio flash head produces unequivocal light in-studio while precisely outputting power and color temperature.
Constructed from high-grade aluminium alloy, the cover and body are firmly built and durable. A high-power cooling fan creates the necessary airflow to keep your equipment running smoothly for long periods of time. An inner overheating device protects the circuits to ensure an extended lifetime.
The flash duration cycle can achieve 1/2600ths of a second at 600 watts or it can dispense 3-times continuous flash per second to easily capture fast moving subjects! The Jinbei Discovery 1200 Standard Flash Head boasts an impressive 0.3 seconds recycle time, too.
The intuitive power management system will check for different output settings between shots comparing results from one shot to the next. The flash head will store this information and automatically adjust and release power to ensure precision output every time.
The Discovery 1200 Standard Flash Head uses a high-quality Heimann flash tube for standard color temperature and reliable quality. Its protective UV coating ensures color integrity, as does the 300-watt modeling lamp. The pro digital back of the lamp head has a full functional LCD display screen for ease of operation including an integrated backlight for use at night.
An advanced modeling lamp control function lets you independently control the modeling lamp separate from the lamp heads functions. Beneath the lamp head is an easy lock handle to ensure firm stable operations at any site location.

Kit includes

1 x Studio flash
1 x Flash tube
1 x Modeling lamp
1 x Protection cap


Pro Digital Control Panel

Function Select
Infra-red inductor switch
Power switch
Modeling lamp fuse
Sync socket
Infra-red inductor light
LCD display
Modeling lamp mode
Flash test button
Adjust button
Fuse base
Power socket

Power output: 1200Ws
Number of heads: 2
Power output distribution: Symmetrical: 800 and 400 Watt seconds
Asymmetrical: 600 and 600 Watt seconds
1 head in socket A: 1200Ws, if you press A+B button 1200Ws
1 head in socket B: 1200Ws
Power output range: 1/1 to 1/16
Protection: Auto-diagnosis for overheating, Battery malfunction and Capacitor failure
Mount: Bowens AKA S-type bayonet
Modeling light: LED 3-settings: On, Off or Programmable
Battery: interchangeable lithium Battery
Charger: 110-220V AC (50/60Hz) charger


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