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Jinbei Discovery DC 24V 6AH Lithium Battery

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Category: Jinbei, Lighting-&-Studio-Strobe-Lighting-Battery-Power-Packs

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The newly designed Discovery DC 24volt Spare Lithium Battery pack provides you with better performance in an all-weather intelligent lighting system based around reliability, stability and operation. The 2:1 ratio mode is easy to adjust on either of the 2-outlet ports. Designed around high power to help you achieve your shooting requirements. Fine-tune your power pack using the 1:1 up to 1:16 level controls. The intuitive system features precise control, standard color temperatures and fast recycling times.

An integrated large-capacity lithium-ion battery provides you with reduced power consumption while enabling you to shoot for longer periods of time. The power pack and battery are designed with simple push buttons for fast loading and reloading by the photographer. Due to the design and build of the spare battery system you will never have to leave it behind again.

2 x output socket for flash head
Modeling lamp auto dump indicator
Power pack sleep indicator
LED display
Battery power indicator
Fuse base
Power switch
Belt groove
Fast/Slow charging mode button
Power pack wake-up button
Time setting reduction button
Modeling lamp auto dump setting button
A+B power output button
Flash sync socket
Output Control Knob


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