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Kinotehnik LCDVF 4N Viewfinder For Nikon D800/E 22.LCDVF4N

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LCDVF turns your video enabled DSLR LCD screen into a huge electronic viewfinder for precise image evaluation.

LCDVF is the missing link of the hybrid "photovideography" era. It is an essential accessory that enables today’s photographers to take advantage of the video features of the new generation DSLR cameras like Canon 5D MKIII, Nikon D800 and many others. It’s like viewing a 42" screen from 140cm (4.6 feet)

n the heart of the LCDVF is an achromatic lens pair that consist of two optical components vacuum-cemented together to form an achromatic doublet which is computer optimized to correct for on-axis spherical and chromatic aberrations. Similar quality of optics is rarely to be seen in even professional broadcast equipment

The search for a perfect mounting option eventually led us to creating universal magnetic interface that allows rapid mounting and demounting without any wear and tear.

All you need to do is apply adhesive-covered ultra-sleek metal frame to your camera body and from there on, it’s click-on, click-off: simple and safe.

LCDVF 4N, specific to Nikon D800 and D800E cameras, utilizes slightly different mounting though - the metal frame is not glue-on but is housed in a plastic clip-on frame that attaches to the camera in the exact same way as it's original screen protector.

Spontaneously transform your video enabled DSLR into a discreet handheld video camera

Lets you shoot photos and video in direct sunlight

Stabilizes camera when shooting video handheld

Aids on-the-fly focusing

Allows the use of LCD in bright daylight outdoors

Magnification of 220% specially tailored to most 3" LCD screens

AR coated and optically corrected lens with 40mm clear aperture

Robust and durable: no moving parts

Splash and dust proof

180 degrees flipping design allows instant left or right eye usage

Universal magnetic mounting interface allows rapid mounting and demounting without any wear and tear

Allows the use of battery and wireless grip and all other original accessories

Flat mounting interface allows easy cleaning of the LCD screen

At most cases all LCDVFs are usable with prescription ranging from +0.5 to -2

In addition, all LCDVF models now come with built-in 37mm metal thread that can accommodate diopter correction lenses (to be purchased separately)

Aperture diameter: 40mm

Magnification: 220%

Body material: Impact resistant ABS

Eyecup: Skin friendly silicone rubber

Eyecushion: Bluestar microfiber

Universal mounting interface: Galvanized and powder coated metal shield

Weight: 110g / 3.84 oz


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