Kodak 35mm 100Foot T-Max 100 Bulk Roll

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Kodak T-Max 100 Film is a fine grain black-and-white film ideal for a variety of applications. Especially useful for detailed subjects when maximum image quality is needed.

Note! 100' of film produces approximately 18-20 rolls of 36-exp film

T-grain structure for extra sharpness
Very high resolving power
Extremely fine grain - good for portraiture
Process to a black and white transparency (EI 50) using the Kodak T-Max 100 Direct Positive Film Developing Outfit
Type 35mm black and white negative film
Speed ISO 100
Applications Portraiture, landscape, general use
Process Recommended Kodak Developers: T-MAX, T-MAX RS, XTOL, D-76, HC-110, DURAFLO RT
Color Saturation Not Applicable
Grain Extremely fine
Sharpness High
Exposure Latitude Narrow
Push/Pull Not Specified by Manufacturer

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