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Kodak 4x5 TRI-X PAN Pro 50 Sheets

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Category: kodak, Photography-Memory-Cards-&-Film-Sheet-Film

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Kodak TXP #4164 is an all-purpose panchromatic film for subjects requiring good depth-of-field and high shutter speeds, and for extending the flash distance range.

Fine grain, high sharpness
Medium contrast, moderate degree of enlargement
Type 4 x 5" black-and-white negative film
Speed ISO 320
Applications Corporate/industrial, Editorial, Fine Art, General Law Enforcement, Military/Instrumentation, Photojournalism/Sports
Process T-Max, T-Max RS, XTOL, HC-110, D-76, Microdol-X, DK-50, Duraflo RT Chemicals
Color Saturation Not applicable
Grain Fine
Sharpness High
Exposure Latitude Wide
Push/Pull Can be pushed two stops

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