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Lastolite Strobo Kit For Ezybox Hotshoe

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Category: lastolite, Photography-Flashes-&-On-Camera-Lighting-Flash-Plates

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The Lastolite Strobo Kit for Ezybox Hotshoe is an ingenious system which allows you to achieve creative, repeatable effects with your on-camera flash. The heart of the kit is the Ezybox Hotshoe Plate and adapter. But that's just the beginning. Even before you mount an Ezybox to it, the accessories included in the kit offer a huge array of creative possibilities. 3 honeycomb grids tunnel the light to desired specific areas of your subject. Light balancing gels are included to match your flash to existing light conditions. Or use the colored gel set for dramatic effects. Neutral density and diffusion filters are also provided for intensity control.

Small, compact and easy to use
Honeycombs and gels/masks can be used individually or in any combination
Includes a smart holder that can be easily mounted on larger DSLR type flash units
Holder has a magnetic closure which makes it easy to mount the various accessories
Lastolite Ezybox Hotshoe soft boxes attach directly to the adapter

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