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Leica M7 Black With 50mm f/2.0 M Lens Beginners Set Black Chrome Finish Rangefinder Camera (10546)

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Leica M7 Beginner Set with Summicron-50mm f/2.0 M Lens


In this increasingly electronic age, the Leica M7 remains a purely mechanical camera, transforming the act of capturing compelling images into an exciting and sensual experience. First comes concentration, then anticipation and lastly joy over brilliant results.

Automatic exposure alternatives

As an alternative to the familiar manual exposure metering of other analog M-Cameras – which, of course, remains still an option with the M7 – the camera offers a convenient, continuously variable aperture priority exposure mode with AE lock that is activated by lightly depressing the shutter release.

Zero incorrect exposures

The Leica M7 offers the choice of setting the ISO manually or by using the contactless automatic film-speed detection built into the camera body, effectively preventing incorrect exposure due to wrongly set ISO film speeds. As a further option, photographers may input exposure corrections of up to ±2 stops in the automatic exposure mode.

Enhanced precision plus manual back-up

The Leica horizontal cloth focal plane shutter has been fundamentally revised for the M7 – it is now electronic! This shutter is extremely quiet, allowing you undisturbed access to the subject. What’s more, the two commonly used shutter speeds of 1/60 sec and 1/125 sec can even function without battery power. So even if your batteries fail you, this camera will not.


Type 35mm Interchangeable lens rangefinder camera
Lens Mount Leica M bayonet
Focus Modes Manual only
Exposure Modes Manual & Aperture-priority
Exposure Metering TTL (through-the-lens) selective centerweighted
Metering Range EV -2 To EV +20 with f/1.0 lens at ISO 100
ISO Range 6-6400 (DX coding with ISO from 25-5000)
Shutter Speed 1/1000th to 1 Second + Bulb
PC Terminal Yes
Flash Mounting Hot shoe - X-sync at up to 1/50th sec with TTL (through-the-lens) flash metering capability
Speeds of up to 1/1000th second available when used with appropriate Metz flash unit with SCA 3502 adapter
Film Transport Manual with lever
Viewfinder 0.72x magnification (meaning that what you see in the viewfinder appears to be 72% of lifesize). Brightline frames for 28, 35, 50, 75, 90 and 135mm automatically engaged with attachment of lens. Optional viewfinders for 21 and 24mm lenses mount in the flash shoe.
Viewfinder Info LED symbols for Flash status, Exposure mode, Film speed, Shutter speed, Lighting exceeding metering range & Classic > / 0 / < manual metering
Diopter Correction Available optionally from -3 to +3
Self Timer No
Remote Control Possible with optional standard mechanical cable release
Multiple Exposure No
Power Source Two 3-Volt 2L76 (DL 1/3N) lithium batteries
Dimensions 5.4 x 3.1 x 1.5" (138.0 x 79.5 x 38mm) WxHxD
Weight 1.23 lb (610 g)

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