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Lightpanels 1X1 Bi-Focus - Daylight 5600K Spot (30 degrees) And Daylight 5600K Flood (50 degrees)

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The Litepanels 1' x 1' LED 5600K Bi-Focus light fixture is capable of variable spot and flood focusing. An alternative to energy inefficient fresnal lights, the ultra thin and portable 1 x 1 bi focus offers a cool to touch, low energy draw solution that provides the flexibility to instantly vary the width of light beam. It features two independent sets of daylight color balanced (5600 degree K) LED bulbs set in the one-foot by one-foot square of the fixture: one set of LEDs is comprised of flood bulbs, the other of spot bulbs.

By cross-fading between the two sets of LEDs, the user can achieve variable flood or spot output. Because it utilizes 1152 LED bulbs (twice the number of a standard 1 x 1) the fixture protects the same total light output whether the operator selects spot, flood, or any combination in between. Adjustment of the spot and flood setting of the light fixture is easily achieved via it's new integrated DMX controller, or by turning the manual control dial on the back of the 1 x 1 Bi-Focus fixture. The Bi-Focus offers infinite dimming from 100 percent to zero with minimal change in color temperature. Brightness can also be controlled by a built-in dimmer dial on the back of the fixture or by the DMX controller.

  • Daylight Spot (30 degree) and Daylight Flood (50 degree)
  • The fit-anywhere Bi-Focus runs on battery or AC power, including an optional 1.75 hour onboard battery pack
  • The 1 x 1 Bi-Focus remains cool to the touch and consumes a small fraction of the power used by traditional lighting fixtures
Capable of Variable spot and flood focusing
Color balance 5600 degree K
Warranty Litepanels 1 year limited warranty

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