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Lightpanels 1X1 Individual Gel - 1/4 CTB

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Category: Lighting-&-Studio-Light-Modifiers-Colour-Correction-Filters-&-Gels, lightpanels

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The Litepanels 1/4 CTB 1x1' Gel is designed especially for the  Litepanels 1x1 LED 3200°K fixture. A full CTB gel will make the light mimic daylight. Sometimes, you may want the light to be somewhat &quotwarmer&quot than daylight, with less blue in it, so the gels are also available in fractions--this 1/4 CTB gel changes the color of the 1x1 3200°K fixture to 3600°K--somewhat more bluish than the unfiltered light. The 1x1' gel is designed to slide into the front of the fixture. Full, 1/2, and 1/8 CTB gels are available separately.

Dimensions 1 x 1' (30.45 cm)

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