Nikon Image Authentication Software

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� Permits verification via a personal computer as to whether an image has been processed or edited after it was taken. Thumbnails of the images selected in the results display area are shown with confirmation. Works exclusively with D2XS and requires Windows XP or 2000 (pre-installed).

Image Authentication Software, designed exclusively for use with the Nikon D2Xs digital SLR. This software enables the authentication of an image captured by the camera and can determine whether or not it has been altered since capture. Image data can be used as a critical link in the &quotchain of evidence&quot for verifying image authenticity by law enforcement and government agencies, the media, insurance companies and for a variety of other business applications. Nikon Image Authentication Software allows easy, secure authentication of images for a wide range of requirements.

Image data as well as information attached to the image are verified to determine whether an image captured by the camera has been changed in any way. Verification results are displayed as a list on the screen of a personal computer, and images selected are displayed as thumbnails within the same screen.


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