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Nikon Lensbaby The Muse PLASTIC for Nikon

Nikon EC20069
0000001300| Nikon Lensbaby The Muse PLASTIC for Nikon
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About the Nikon Lensbaby The Muse PLASTIC for Nikon

The Lensbaby Muse Special Effects SLR Lens with Plastic Optic will add a unique perspective to the world of SLR photography. The Lensbaby lens is a hybrid between a bellows camera and a tilt-shift camera. It will bring one area of a photo into sharp focus, surrounded by gradually increasing blur. The lens can be compressed, extended, and/or bent off-center in any direction for different results.

The Lensbaby Muse offers a radical departure from the precision of digital or even film photography. It allows for selective focusing with SLR cameras. Effects like blurring, glowing highlights, and subtle, prismatic color distortions can all be achieved without software manipulations.

The Muse features the Optic Swap System, and this version of the Muse comes supplied with the Plastic Optic, which provides the softest dreamiest look, with photos that are very ethereal, with abundant chromatic aberration. Also available optionally are the Double Glass for a sharp and crisp look, the Single Glass for that vintage look, or the Pinhole/Zone Plate for softer, dreamier focus images that are equally sharp from edge to edge.

No electronic communication is possible between the camera and the lens. All operation is strictly manual. Automatic light metering is possible by shooting in aperture priority mode with many pro cameras except for the Nikon D40, D50, D60, D70, D70S, D80, D90, D100, N50, N65, N70, N75, N80, & Fuji S1, S2, and S3.
Flexible, tube based, manual compression focusing system with fluid and continuous tilt to move the sharp area of focus.
Interchangeable optics feature curved field of focus, giving you a unique way to control depth of field.
Images have one circular sharp area with surrounding areas dropping off into a beautiful blur.
Features the Lensbaby Optic Swap System which includes several different optics each of which provides a different image quality.
Focus Type Manual Compression
f/Stop Range f/2, 2.8, 4, 5.6, 8
Aperture Interchangeable levitating aperture disks
Focal Length Approx. 50mm
Minimum Focus Distance Approx. 18" (45.72cm) without expansion
Approx. 9" (22.86cm) when collar is pushed away from the lens
Focus Distance Maximum: Infinity
Filter Size 37mm
Lens Elements/Groups Plastic optics
Height 2.0" (5.08cm)
Width 2.75" (6.98cm)
Weight 3.6 oz (102.05g)