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Nikon Z 7II Body Only

NIKON EC103155
0000352190| Nikon Z 7II Body Only
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About the Nikon Z 7II Body Only

Key Features:

  • 45.7mp BSI CMOS Sensor
  • Dual Expeed 6 Processors
  • ISO 64 to 25,600 (expandable to 102,400)
  • 493-pt AF System with improved low light detection
  • Eye Detection AF in stills and video and new focusing modes
  • 10fps with AE/AF and 77 shot image buffer
  • 4K60p Video and Full HD 120p
  • External recording options: HLG, 10bit NLOG and RAW video.
  • Dual CF Express / SD Card slots
  • In Body 5-axis VR Stabilization
  • New optional MB-N11 Battery grip with vertical controls
  • Firmware updates via Snapbridge
  • USB Powering and charging

The Z 7II features dual card slots. One is Cfexpress (Type B) and XQD cards. The other slot accepts standard SD cards. Both slots can be used to separate RAW and JPEG files, create a backup or maximize your onboard storage.

The Z 7II is powered by not one but two Expeed 6 image processing engines. They work together for fast image processing, more buffer capacity and more overall speed. They also control other functions including image and video rendering, low light, AF performance and more.

The Z 7II uses Nikon’s highest resolution backside illuminated CMOS sensor with no optical low pass filter. When paired together with NIKKOR Z lenses, the result is staggering detail and sharpness.
From deep blacks to bright whites and Nikons superior colour science, the Z 7II exhibits exceptional dynamic range in stills and video from ISO 64 to 25,600.

The AF system’s 90% coverage lets you compose images the way you want, from the start. Wither manually choose one of the 493 AF points across the frame, or let the cameras Eye Detection AF track your subjects eye across the frame.
Eye Detect AF now works in video mode and with new focusing modes and improved low light autofocus, the Z 7II provides accurate AF in any condition.

The Z 7II features near full frame 4K60p video recording, along with Full HD 120p. So whether you want to keep it simple and record 4K internally, or you want to step up your production by attaching an external recorder to capture 10-bit NLOG or HLG. Or if you want to go all the way with a paid firmware update and compatible external recorder and output 12-bit ProRes RAW or Blackmagic RAW format via HDMI.

With one universal USB Type C cable, you can provide constant power to the Z 7II, charge your battery, stream footage and transfer photos and video. When shooting video or time lapses you can use an external power bank to power the camera via USB type C for extra shooting time.



Pursue your passion and purpose with top-notch performance, resolution, and reliability in one

Revel in the beauty of detailed images with impressive expression of textures and fine details. Nikon Singapore Pte. Ltd. is proud to announce the new Z 7II a high-resolution, FX-format (full-frame) mirrorless that offers the comprehensive imaging experience that allows users to harness the very best characteristics of the renowned NIKKOR Z lenses and Z mount. 

The new power-packed camera is set to have the professional creators in awe over its intricate illustration of the finest of textures whilst embodying detailed lines and exquisite sharpness in a subject. All of this alongside the favourable experience of obtaining quick subject acquisitions without compromise. A truly versatile yet highly reliable companion for the professionals in the studio, it will also be instrumental for those seeking to capture impressive and fleeting scenes found in the great outdoors and adventurous terrains. 



Deep into Details

When a model is making a twirl as she poses, it’s not impossible for one miss the best moment of the action. Shoot at a fast pace without losing the pivotal expressions, as the camera captures approximately 77 shots with a single burst and supports a continuous shooting of up to 10 fps at setting of Continuous H+ with dual EXPEED 6 image-processing engines. With the speed and reliability of the two engines, coupled with dual memory card support, experience greater processing performance with no drop rate. 

For the low-lit situations, navigating oneself in the challenging environment of a mountain range under the blanket of only the stars will not be a hassle as  the Z 7 II provides helpful auto focus (AF) performance with a range of as low as -3 EV, and can be extended to -4 EV (with low-light AF).

Follow your subject’s actions closely with the subject-tracking AF, similar to that of the familiar 3D tracking.  Easily swap between your choice AF tracking mode without taking your eyes away from the improved electronic viewfinder (EVF), that also now automatically disables the automatic eye sensor when monitor is tilted, via the assignment of the control to the camera’s Fn buttons. 

Photo shoots, and even video shoots, of models posing with playful fur-friends are also made easier with the Eye-Detection AF and Animal-Detection AF. Following the requests of creators, the wide-area AF (L) support has also been added for both AF modes.

With all that gruelling intensity, taking a break can be helpful pause to quickly rejuvenate during a long photography session. Pick up from where you left off with its function to maintain focus position which allows you to avoid the hassle of constantly needing to readjust the focus even after the camera is turned off.

Indulge in Perfection

Answering to your professional video needs is the 4K60p to provide flawless footages of action, smooth camera motion and the extra ability to create stunning slow motion in post-production. For those seeking flexibility in colour grading for that post-production boost, the camera also supports 10-bit N-Log and the optional 12-bit raw output6.

Maximise the camera’s rendering ability and harness the best Nikon has to offer when you pair the Z 7II with the NIKKOR Z lenses. The Z mount system easily ensures that light reaches the entire sensor, including the extreme corners, and as a result, images captured with the Z mount exhibit superior sharpness and clarity to the extreme edges. The ever-expanding range of lenses keeps up with the demands of creators for flexibility and dexterity. 

Crafted for Excellence

The trusty mirrorless stands up to extended use in harsh environments, thanks to its superb dust- and drip- resistant performance and indisputable durability. Its compact build also makes it easy for one to travel to the ideal photographic spot while packing light. 

When paired with the optional H1902 vertical-shooting battery pack, one will find that it not only extends shooting and recording times, but also offers an improved grip and increased stability when telephoto lenses are used. If extra power is required, charge with a USB power source to have longer shooting sessions, and when you are out and about, conserve power with the power-saving mode.

While on long extensive shoots, experience smooth transfer of the large amounts of data produced by the high pixel-count without worry from the dual memory card slots that support the CFexpress (Type B) card. The XQD and SD (UHS-II) cards are also compatible with no drop reduction in write speeds from the dual image-processing engines.

Easily transfer your work of art to your smart devices, be it to share with your clients or loved ones, with the SnapBridge app. Version 2.7 of the app also enables the hassle-free download and transfer of new firmware updates from your mobile device to the camera. 

Your passionate stories and visionary creations await you in high resolution with the Z 7 II.


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