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NiSi Nano Cleaning LensPen For Filters

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  • Designed for cleaning of NiSi Filters and other optical items
  • The cleaning tip has a slightly concave shape for a better fit
  • A retractable dust-removal brush is built in
  • Its non-liquid carbon cleaning compound won’t spill or dry out
  • It’s safe to use and environmentally friendly

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Are you troubled by dust or smudges on your filters? This NiSi Nano Cleaning LensPen for Filters makes cleaning quick, easy, and is far more convenient than other methods but equally effective and safe. NiSi Nano Cleaning LensPen for Filters is a unique cleaning tool for all lens products, including multi-coated surfaces like NiSi Filters. NiSi Nano Cleaning LensPen for Filters is safe to use on all lenses, Won’t scratch or damage lenses.


  • Safe to use on all lenses.
  • Won’t scratch or damage lenses.
  • Self-replenishing tip.
  • Cleaning compound will not spill or dry out.
  • Camera Lens Cleaning is designed for cleaning the lenses of camera, camcorder, binoculars, telescopes, night vision goggles and other sport optical devices.
  • If any smudges remain, just breathe gently on the lens and repeat the cleaning process.
  • The unique Cleaning Lens Pen will not spill or dry out and is both environmentally-friendly.
  • Clean fingerprints, oily smudges and other contaminants from monitors and lens optics quickly, safely and easily.
  • Cleaning Lens Pen is an unique cleaning tool for all lense products, including multi-coated surfaces.
  • Cleaning compund used is non-toxic and environmental friendly.
  • Lens Cleaning Pen is designed specifically for lenses and Filters. Please carefully observe the instruction for use.




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