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Olympus FS-FLBK04 Flash Bracket - Left or Right side

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Category: olympus, Photography-Flashes-&-On-Camera-Lighting-Bracket-Accessories

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Product Summary

The FL-BK04 flash bracket enables the mounting of an external flash onto the side of the camera.  It is typically used by professional photographers and photography enthusiasts in news gathering, portrait shooting to avoid unnatural shadows which may appear in the photograph when the external flash is mounted on top of the camera.

What Olympus Says About The FL-BK04:

LiveView friendly

The FL-BK04 Flash Bracket is designed to facilitate the operation of the dual-axis LCD monitor on cameras like the E-3, E-30 and E-620. This permits hassle free Live View shooting with the bracket attached.

Flexible configuration

Configuration of the flash on the bracket is highly flexible, allowing photographers to position an external flash on either the left or right side of the camera, enabling vertical flash shooting.

Flash Synchronisation

When wireless remote flash capable cameras (e.g., E-420, E-520, E-620, E-30 and E-3) and flash units - FL-36R and FL-50R - are used together, an accessory cable is not necessary for flash activation in shooting situations where there is adequate reflected flash energy from the camera's built-in flash controller.

For non wireless remote flash capable camera and flash combinations, or when there's insufficient bounce flash energy from the camera's built-in remote flash commander unit, an FL-CB05 flash extension cable must be used for flash synchronisation.


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