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OP/TECH USA 1.25" Tripod Leg Wraps (Black) 6601312

0000005995| OP/TECH USA 1.25" Tripod Leg Wraps (Black) 6601312
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About the OP/TECH USA 1.25" Tripod Leg Wraps (Black) 6601312


  • Fits most tripods and monopods
  • Protects tripod/monopod and cushions shoulder
  • A choice of three sizes to fit 1&quot, 1.25&quot and 1.5&quot tripod leg diameters
  • Lightweight and very durable
  • Insulates skin from cold metal
  • Made in the USA

For those photographers or outdoor enthusiasts seeking comfort in an alternative carrying system, OP/TECH USA offers the TRIPOD LEG WRAPS™. Each leg is individually wrapped to protect the legs against damage and to give you added comfort against shoulder fatigue. It also keeps the cold metal legs &quotunder wraps&quot and away from your skin. First, apply the closed-cell foam pads to the legs. These are held firmly in place with a strip of low-tack tape which secures the wraps without leaving a sticky residue. Second, the durable Cordura® leggings are stretched snugly over the foam pads to form a seamless, comfortable fit.

The TRIPOD LEG WRAPS™ are available in 1&quot, 1.25&quot and 1.5&quot diameter leg sizes. The 17&quot length can be customized to fit the user's tripod by merely cutting the foam pads with a serrated knife (Do not cut the Cordura® leggings). Finally, you can toss your tripod over your shoulder in comfort!

A choice of three sizes to fit 1", 1.25" and 1.5" (2.5cm, 3.2cm, 3.8cm) tripod leg diameters. To find the right size TRIPOD LEG WRAPS™ for your tripod please download the TRIPOD LEG WRAPS Reference Chart.

  • Materials: Closed-cell foam pads and Cordura® leggings
  • Three diameter sizes: 1", 1.25" and 1.5" (2.5cm, 3.2cm and 3.8cm)
  • Length of 17" (43.2cm)
  • All sizes include three leg wraps
  • Made in the USA
6601332 Tripod Leg Wraps™ - 1" 1" (2.5cm) Diameter leg size Black
6601312 Tripod Leg Wraps™ - 1.25" 1.25" (3.2cm) Diameter leg size Black
6601322 Tripod Leg Wraps™ - 1.5" 1.5" (3.8cm) Diameter leg size Black
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