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OP/TECH USA Double Sling

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The black Double Sling from OP/TECH is for the photographer who needs access to two cameras in a hurry but does not want to have to stop, open his bag and take out the second camera. When time is of the essence and the shots are there, there's no time for fumbling around inside a bag trying to extract another machine. The Double Sling allows you to drape two cameras over your shoulders and have them at the ready.

The system hangs around your neck on a comfortable neoprene pad that distributes the weight of the two cameras quite evenly. You'll also find the balance is very good. And, if you ever want to use only one camera, there's no problem adjusting the strap accordingly.

Connection to the cameras is achieved via OP/TECH'S Uni-Loop Connectors that attach to the lugs of each camera. For the left camera, attach the Uni-Loop to the left lug while on the right you have a choice between using either the right lug or both if your camera offers you two lugs. Some cameras offer an additional connection area on the lower right side of the camera. In those cases, both Uni-Loop Connectors will be attached to the two side connection areas.

The Sling Adapter System used on the Double Sling can be removed and added to any other OP/TECH standard strap. This will create and over the shoulder sling strap. This flexibility of the Double Sling makes this a more-than-viable option to a traditional harness system.

U-shaped neoprene pad effectively distributes and balances the weight of two cameras while absorbing the shock of the photographer's movements
Use Op/Tech's Uni-Loop Connectors to attach to the cameras
Strap can be used for just one camera if desired
Sling Adapter System used on the Double Sling can be removed from the U-shaped pad and added to any other OP/TECH USA standard strap pad to create an over-the-shoulder sling strap
Material Neoprene pad, nylon webbing and leather tabs
Attachment Method Uni-Loops
Quick connects
Carry style: harness and sling
Number of connection points: up to four
Recommended Load 15 lb per side (6.8kg)

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