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Panasonic 32Gb Gold 95MB/s U3 SD Card

Panasonic EC99362
0000013995| Panasonic 32Gb Gold 95MB/s U3 SD Card
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About the Panasonic 32Gb Gold 95MB/s U3 SD Card


Ideal for 4K Video Cameras – Class10 / U3 - 30MB/s (240Mbps) Constant Minimum Write Speed
95MB/s(Read), 90MB/s(Write) Under UHS-I
SMART GUARD - Power Failure & Writing Damage Protection

Great for 4K Video and Burst ShootingUHS Speed Class 3 (U3) is a new speed class standard that delivers smooth video recording to meet the demands of advanced applications like 4K and high-bit-rate Full-HD. Its guaranteed constant minimum write speed of 30 MB/s (240 Mbps) *1 optimizes the video experience and eliminates dropped frames in both 4K and all-round video.*1 This speed performance is achieved under the conditions specified by the SD Association.Ultra High Speed - UHS-IUHS-I is an SD bus standard with the maximum data transfer speed of 104 MB/s.*1 High-speed writing lets you take burst shots without dropped frames, and RAW photos with a digital SLR. It also makes it suitable for all types of video shooting -- from the ultimate 4K, to Full-HD and standard video. High-speed reading lets you easily transfer even large amounts of data. UHS-I is ideal for both camera and video enthusiasts. *1 This speed performance is achieved under the conditions specified by the SD Association.Tough & Safe - All Panasonic SD cards and microSD cards feature the Tough & Safe design. They are accident proof against the 6 harsh conditions of Water, Static Electricity, Shock, Magnetism, Temperature, and X-rays. Also, a built-in-fuse operates to prevent the SD card and your personal host devices from being damaged due to unexpected problems such as overheating in an electric current. *If the fuse blows, the data in the SD card is no longer readable.Smart Guard to protect dataPanasonic‘s “Power Failure Guard” automatically retrieves the affected part to preserve important data, even in the event that data is damaged by a sudden power interruption. “Data Damage Guard" reduces the defect risk and makes the card's operating life longer by equalizing the re-write frequency of each writing sector. *This function does not guarantee permanent data retention.Long-lasting MLC flash memoryThe NAND flash memory, where data is stored on an SD, has an upper limitation on the number of re-writing cycles. MLC types can be re-written 10 times longer than TLC types can, and also have a lower error rate. MLC types help to save precious memories much longer.

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