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Pelican LAPD LED Rechargeable Black

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Pelican is recognized world-wide as a leading manufacturer of technically advanced flashlights. From police duty to severe underwater environments, Pelican products are proven leaders. Pelican flashlights and dive lights are tough, easy to handle, lightweight, convenient, and safe. They are also extremely reliable, especially in hazardous conditions. Pelican flashlights offer both brightness and safety for the workplace, during recreation, at home, or on the job.

The Pelican 7060 rechargeable LED flashlight is a product of an uncommon coaction between Pelican Products and the City of Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD). Pelican's brilliant execution of the 7060's design yielded a high-performance illumination tool that sports a 50 percent reduction in weight over many standard issue law enforcement flashlights, and a conservative form factor that fits easily into most duty-belt configurations. As a result, the LAPD has adopted the Pelican 7060 LED flashlight as their standard issue tactical/patrol flashlight for all of their officers.

The 7060 flashlight features dual switching options that allow the light to be activated by the housing-mounted patrol switch, or its tactical tail-cap switch. This dual-switch configuration allows the operator to control the light while employing different grip-techniques. Switching from patrol mode to a tactical mode can be executed flawlessly in seconds.

The 7060 delivers a commanding 130 lumens of focused light with a centralized blinding cone for immobilizing a potential threat. The peripheral wash of illumination surrounding the hot-spot provides ample visibility for viewing a broad area, or executing details such as note taking, citation writing, or reading maps. The remarkable illumination performance of the 7060 is delivered by an electronically controlled LED lamp module. The powerful 1W LED is virtually indestructible, with an estimated life-span of over 10,000 hours. With a fully charged set of batteries, the 7060 is capable of providing a continuous beam of high-intensity light for a full 90 minutes.

Regardless of the situation, environment, or climate, the 7060 will remain securely in your grasp; its housing is cleverly crafted from a high-strength aluminum alloy with a unique faceted grenade-grip pattern. The housing's exterior is treated with a chemically inert Xenoy resin coating that provides a superior tactile gripping surface, as well as protection from the elements, impact, and moisture.


Recessed lens for added drop protection
Xenoy housing is impervious to a myriad of chemicals
Octagonal shape prevents rolling, even on steep surfaces
low-profile charging dock can be used with multiple power sources
O-rings seals and rubber switch caps for water-resistant performance
Low Battery Alert indicates when the power level is low with a blinking light
1.5 Hours (4-5 hours charge time)
Grenade Grip
Non-slip grenade-grip pattern is positive with gloves or wet hands
Dual Switch Activation
Dual switch technology provides three-way on/off, momentary, and momentary-pulse activation
Anti-Shock Construction
Each section of the Pelican 7060 has internal springs protecting it from impact related damage.
High-Output LED Illumination
1 Watt LED is encased in a prefocused module with a deep parabolic reflector that delivers a brilliant 130 lumen beam with a concentrated center.
Optimized Beam: A focused primary beam penetrates darkness up to 120 yd, a secondary 12' circle of light illuminates the immediate periphery.
Lamp Type 1W LED
Maximum Output 130 Lumens
Construction Aluminum alloy housing with Xenoy resin coating
Waterproofing Water-resistant
Battery Type 1 3.7V 2200mAh Lithium-Ion (included)
Runtime 90 Minutes
Dimensions 8.65" (22cm)
Weight 8.2 oz (0.23kg)

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