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PENTAX 2X-L Rear Converter-A for Telephoto Lenses

Pentax EC101056
0000001990| PENTAX 2X-L Rear Converter-A for Telephoto Lenses
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About the PENTAX 2X-L Rear Converter-A for Telephoto Lenses

The Pentax SMC-A 2x L Rear Converter (also known as a tele-extender) is designed to fit on select Pentax 35mm "long" lenses. The converter will multiply the focal length of the existing lens by 2x, and will cut back the amount of light by 2 f/stops. For example, using a 2x teleconverter with a 300mm lens will effectively increase the focal length to 600mm. A lens set to f/2.8 will now be f/5.6.

Note: Due to the high-quality design of this converter (6 elements/5 groups), the teleconverter will only fit and work with a select range of lenses. Only the following lenses are compatible:

  • SMC-FA* 200mm f/2.8
  • SMC-A* 300mm f/2.8(*)
  • SMC-FA* 300mm f/2.8
  • SMC-A* 400mm f/2.8(*)
  • SMC-A 500mm f/4.5 
  • SMC-F* 600mm f/4(*)
  • SMC-FA* 600mm f/4
  • SMC-A* 600mm f/5.6(*)
  • SMC-P 1000mm f/8
  • SMC-A 1200mm f/8
  • SMC-A 135-600mm f/6.7
  • SMC-F* 250-600mm f/5.6
  • SMC-FA* 250-600mm f/5.6
  • SMC-P 400-600mm f/8-12
  • SMC-A Macro 200mm f/4
  • (*) Note: Fits, but better performance can be achieved with other versions.


Features lens information contacts, and supports all AE program operation with applicable cameras.
Magnification 2x
Lens Elements/Groups 6/5
Length 63mm
Diameter 66mm
Weight 225 g
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