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PermaJet Anti Curl Roller 24" 610mm (38mm Diameter)

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The PermaJet Anti-Curl Roller has been specially designed to take the typical curl out of prints and posters printed on roll media in minutes!

This first-of-its-kind accessory provides an ingenious solution to the common curling problems associated with true fine art inkjet roll materials, annoyingly costing wasted time and money to your business. You can take the curl out of inkjet prints and fine art papers in minutes without causing any surface damage or creases to the printed image.

The general principle in the way it works is one of reverse rolling. Simply unroll the white carrier film which has no curl memory and lays almost perfectly flat time-after-time (even after having been wound tightly around the chrome-plated central roller tube to which it is attached via special ‘no seam’ ridge). Place your curled paper on top and gently roll across a worktop or desk until fully wound around the roller tube. Once unwound again, the paper is super flat, free of any damage! 

As a unique feature, the white carrier film also incorporates a grey edge strip down both sides creating a space to allow the rolled paper to naturally ‘slip' as it relaxes and un-curls.

This is beautifully designed and well-built. It will give your prints from roll paper the flat, finished look and professional edge that they really deserve. A product which will quickly pay for itself!


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