Pixel Remote Control Shutter Cable Nikon With DC0 Plug

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The Pixel RC-201/DC0 Cable is suitable for various Nikon DSLR cameras. The cable can be used to control a remote camera to relax. The cable is 110 cm long and is easy to connect. After you have connected the set, you can use the button on the remote control halfway to focus. If you then press the button fully, your camera will take the picture. It is also possible to turn the knob,  when using your camera or taking still photos . This should, however, you set your camera.

This model is suitable for the following cameras:
Nikon: D1/D2/D3 series, D700/D300/D300s/D200, N90s, F5 / F6/F100/F90/F90x
Fujifilm: S5 Pro Pro/S3
Kodak: DCS-14n
The DC0 cable is attached to the transmitter, and can't be exchanged for another cable.


  • RC-201, Manual, Warranty Card

Article number: 3930001
Brand: Pixel
Range (meters): 1,1
Sender size: 95,5x29,4x20,3 mm
Weight: 55 Gramm
Suitable for: Nikon: D1/D2/D3 Serie, D700/D300/D300s/D200, N90s, F5/F6/F100/F90/F90x, Fujifilm: S5 Pro/S3 Pro, Kodak: DCS-14n


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