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Powerex Ten Channel 9V Battery Charger (gift boxed) MH-C1090F-A

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Category: Lighting-&-Studio-Power-&-Cables-Battery-&-Charger-Accessories, Powerex

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The perfect solution for the pro audio sound desk with several cordless microphones or the paintball enthusiast. Use rechargeable NiMH batteries with the world's first ten-bank two-hour smart charger.



Ten individual 9V rechargeable battery charging channels with full -deltaV control over the charging process.

Allows each 9V rechargeable battery to be charged to its full potential without risk of overcharging.

Flex Pulse battery charging conditions and enhances 9V rechargeable batteries as they are charged.

Microprocessor controlled with automatic trickle charge.

Capable of charging up to ten 9V rechargeable batteries at a time.

Compatible with 7.2, 8.4, and 9.6 Rapid Charge Capable 9V rechargeable Batteries.

Individual LED's for each 9V rechargeable battery charging channel indicates  9V rechargeable battery charge status

Automatically detects bad 9V rechargeable batteries

Will charge most 9V rechargeable batteries in 2 hours or less.

Great for commercial or home applications - very well made, with a 3 year warranty.

Capable of reviving older 9V rechargeable batteries which may no longer be accepting a charge.

Excellent for charging 9V rechargeable batteries for industrial, paintball, home, karaoke, wireless microphones, etc...


Package Includes

MH-C1090F 10 bank 9v charger unit

240v Australian power supply

User Instructions

(Does not include batteries pictured) See below to add batteries to your purchase


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