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Profoto B1X 500 AirTTL Location Kit + Free Air Remote TTL for Fujifilm

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Profoto B1X 500 AirTTL Location Kit Details

The benchmark has been set again
The new Profoto B1X

B1 became the benchmark for on location flashes. Now, the benchmark is about to be set again with the launch of the Profoto B1X. This isn’t an update, this is a significant replacement with improvements in three important areas; power, power and power.


This is the new B1X

We’d like to think of the new B1X as power with a purpose. And that purpose is simple, we want image creators everywhere to be able to realize their vision. If that’s halfway up a mountain, overpowering the sun in the middle of the desert or hanging off a rock overlooking the Mediterranean – then so be it.

That’s why the LED modeling light adds 80% more light output, the battery holds 50% more power and why the B1X has the widest HSS range available on any flash.

Because we want you to have power in all the right places. And the most important place of all just happens to be your imagination.


Quick to set up. Easy to use.

Profoto doesn’t do complicated. The B1X is a fully cordless light with few simple,
intuitive controls and a large easy-to-read LED display. So instead of tripping
over cables or fiddling with sub menus or user manuals, you can focus on being
creative. Sometimes less is more.

Capture the moment in perfect light with AirTTL

Finding the right exposure first time can be a challenge when time is limited or
the light is constantly changing. AirTTL automatically does it all for you, just
point and shoot

Shape light in broad daylight with HSS
With Profoto High-Speed Sync (HSS) it doesn’t matter how bright the sun shines. 
It enables you to use your flash at shutter speeds up to 1/8,000s. So you can
overpower the sun and shape your light even with large apertures in broad

Battery power you can rely on

Don’t worry about losing power at a vital moment –B1X’s rechargeable Lithium-ion 
battery provides up to 325 flashes at full power and tens of thousands at lowest
power. And it recharges in no time.

Modeling light with power and quality

A powerful LED modeling light enables you to preview your shot and evaluate how 
light and shadows falls on the subject. The power and quality of the modeling
light also makes it very useful as main or fill light in low light situations.

With tools to explore your light shaping potential
Photography is all about controlling and shaping light. With the B1X it is easy 
to take your creativity to the next level with our dedicated range of compact,
lightweight OCF Light Shaping Tools.


Profoto Air Remote TTL-F Fuji Details

Profoto today announces collaboration between Profoto and Fujifilm to offer optimized compatibility between Profoto flashes and Fujifilm cameras. When the unique Profoto AirTTL was first announced in November 2013, it revolutionized the photography industry by enabling a lean workflow and making it possible to seamlessly merge your camera with your flash. Now we are proud to include Fujifilm shooters in the AirTTL family, empowering photographers to be more creative and focus less on settings. “Together with Fujifilm, we are proud to announce our latest family member – the Air Remote TTL-F. Light is the essence of every image and the Profoto AirTTL makes light shaping easier. It unlocks new creative possibilities and helps you go from idea to final image faster. We are happy to help the world’s most ambitious image creators turn their ambition into reality,” says Anders Hedebark, President of Profoto. Profoto Air Remote TTL-F is a small, wireless radio transmitter that can be attached to the Fujifilm camera’s hot shoe. The remote offers full TTL and HSS capability with Profoto’s B1X, B1, B2, D2 and Pro-10 lights. The Air Remote TTL-F will start shipping at the end of the year. Profoto – the light shaping company A commitment to light shaping excellence today, and tomorrow. Profoto is more than a brand. Profoto is more than the worldleading light shaping products we make. Profoto is dedicated to making every image the best it can possibly be by helping the creator of that image bring the very best quality of light to it. And when you consider there are literally billions of images taken every single day, then you start to truly understand the full extent of our commitment to light shaping excellence. That dedication and passion was imprinted upon our DNA from the very beginning. 50 years ago, our founders Conny Dufgran and Eckhard Heine resolved to make the very best flash for the very best photographers – and they succeeded. That’s a standard that we don’t just aim to maintain – but to surpass. Because we believe that light is the indispensable heart of all image creation, no matter what the situation, the ability to create amazing images is directly linked to the ability to master light shaping. That core principle is the key to enabling a world filled with incredible images, and the purpose of every single product we make.


• Attach to your Fujifilm camera’s hot shoe to wirelessly connect camera and AirTTL light into one.

• Shoot in TTL Mode for fully automatic point-and-shoot shots.

• Shoot in HSS Mode to shape light in broad daylight.

• Switch from TTL Mode to Manual Mode with the automated TTL settings intact – a huge time saver.

• Sync and manually control any Profoto light that is compatible with Air.

• Intuitive and easy to use user interface. • Long operating range of up to 300 m (1,000 ft).

• 8 digital channels.

• Controls up to 3 groups of lights on each channel.

• USB port for firmware upgrades.

• Collaboration with Fujifilm for future proof compatibility with new cameras.

• Approved for worldwide use.

Profoto B1X 500 AirTTL Location Kit Specifications

Energy range:
2-500Ws (9 f-stops)
Recycling time:
0.1-1.9 (Quick burst up to 20 flashes/second)
Max modeling light:
24W LED (Output equivalent to 130W Halogen)
Flash duration normal mode (t0.5):
1/11,000s (2Ws) - 1/1,000s (500Ws)
Flash duration freeze mode (t0.5):
1/19,000s (2Ws) - 1/1,000s (500Ws)
High Speed Sync:
Up to 1/8,000s with 9 f-stop power range
Guide number @2m / 100 ISO with Magnum Reflector:
45 2/10
High-resolution display with a superior, intuitive interface
14 cm (5.5”)
31 cm (12.2”)
21 cm (8.3”)
3 kg (6.6 lbs) including battery
Radio sync and control:
Yes, built in AirTTL supporting wireless sync, control and TTL. Fully integrated with other AirTTL flashes such as B2 and D2. (Requires an Air Remote TTL that is sold separately.)
Recommended Accessories for Air:
901039 Air Remote TTL-C for Canon
901040 Air Remote TTL-N for Nikon
901045 Air Remote TTL-S for Sony
901046 Air Remote TTL-O for Olympus
901031 Air Remote for most DSLRs and medium format cameras
B1X Location Kit
2 × B1X 500 AirTTL
2 × Li-Ion battery
1 × Backpack M
1 × Battery Charger 4.5A
1 × Car Charger 1.8A

Profoto Air Remote TTL-F Fuji Specifications

Product number 901047 Profoto Air Remote TTL-F

1 × Air Remote TTL-F incl. batteries

1 × USB 2.0 Cable

1 × Wrist Strap

1 × Accessory Pouch

Size 75 × 60 × 35 mm ( 2.9 × 2.3 × 1.4 in)

Weight 75 g (2.6 oz) incl. batteries

Short specifications

Frequency band: 2.4 GHz

No. of channels: 8 (1-8)

Wireless range: Up to 300 m (1,000 ft)

Connections: Fujifilm hot shoe

Power input: 2 x AAA Alkaline

Battery life: Up to 30 hours


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