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Redrock Micro Af-100 Field Cinema Deluxe With Followfocus

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What’s included:

  • microShoulderPad with rod clamp 
  • Handlebar 15mm rod - 8" 
  • Handlebar 15mm Rod - 4" 
  • Handlebar Rod Clamp 
  • microBalance Plus Assembly 
  • microSupport baseplate, 15mm low riser 
  • 2 x microHandGrip 
  • microMount with microSpud 
  • 18" 15mm carbon fiber rods - 1 pair 
  • microFollowFocus 
  • 2 x MicroBalance counterbalance add-on weight

The Field Cinema Shouldermount Rig for the Panasonic AF100 cameras is the perfect lightweight rig for shouldermount and tripod work using these fantastic digital cinema cameras from Panasonic

Comfortable All-Day Shooting

The Field Cinema Rig for Panasonic AF100 is an extremely stable setup for solid shots and comfortable all-day shooting. The bulk of the camera’s weight rests on your shoulder, and counterbalance ensures the weight is balanced to keep stress off your arms (you can even use your battery as all or part of the counterbalance.)

You can quickly place and remove the rig on a tripod using the integrated dovetail on the bottom of the shoulderpad, an innovative and unique Redrock feature.

This Field Cinema Rig for the Panasonic AF100 includes some of Redrock's most popular products:

  • microFollowFocus that delivers precise and repeatable focus for your lenses.
  • The microBalance Plus with 1.8kg counterweight system to conveniently and comfortably balance your setup.
  • The microSupport baseplate (low riser) along with a set of industry standard 15mm carbon fibre rails that provides the backbone on which the camera and accessories are attached.

Like all Redrock brand gear, This bundle is made in the USA and carries a lifetime warranty for confidence and peace of mind.

Buying Guide

Will this work on my Panasonic AG AF-101 (or other international product model number)?

Yes this rig works with all model numbers of the AF100

How is this different than the Cinema Bundle for Panasonic AG AF-101?

This rig is designed for operators who are primarily handheld (shouldermounted), so the bundled products are geared towards maximum comfort and balance. The Cinema Bundle for AF100 has bundled products designed primarily for tripod use, and maximises tripod-based balance, ability to add many accessories, and rear operator control.

How can I get the best of both the Cinema Bundle and the Field Cinema Bundle?

Our recommendation is first to decide what is your primary shooting mode: on tripod or handheld. Choose the rig that fits your primary shooting mode. From there, you can add additional accessories to complete your setup so you have the best of both rigs without any overlap.

How do I mount my external monitor?

You mount an external camera-top monitor (such as Marshall, Small-HD, etc.) using the supplied microMount with microSpud. This enables you to place the monitor at the ideal position on the handlebars in front of the operator.

How can I use the AF100's rear viewfinder?

Sony’s placement of the LCD wasn’t exactly designed for shouldermount viewing, so It’s a bit tricky so generally we recommend using an external monitor with these cameras for maximum comfort. If you prefer to use the camera’s top LCD/viewfinder you will need to use our microLink4 Riser offset kit, which centres the camera in front of your eye and lowers it slightly.

Can I use this setup with my DSLR?

You can use most of this rig with your DSLR. You will need to add a DSLR baseplate to properly attach your DSLR.


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