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Redrock Micro Clamp-On Accessory For Micromattebox

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The Clamp-On Accessory for microMatteBox includes:

  • Clamp-On Accessory for microMatteBox
  • Mounting Hardware

The Clamp-On Accessory for microMatteBox is a cross-grade kit for the microMatteBox to convert it from rail-mounted swing-away to a clip-on version. This adapter replaces the microMatteBox rear bellows with a universal clamp-on bracket supporting lenses with front outside diameters up to 136mm. With the Clamp-On Accessory for microMatteBox, the microMatteBox no longer needs rail support to be attached to a rig. This makes the microMatteBox perfect for ENG style shooting or any setup looking to shed some weight. The conversion is not permanent, so you can switch between clamp-on and swing-away, whatever your shooting style and production requires.

Perfect Pairing

Zooms lenses are fast becoming the preferred go-to tools for productions that need to be fast, nimble, and always ready to get the shot. These lenses feature a huge range of focal lengths, and enable crews to save time by not constantly changing lenses. Clamp-On matte boxes are the perfect companion for compact and standard cinema zooms, as they allow the overall system to shed weight and size, and become more compact and portable than ever.

Don’t Just Get the Best of Both Worlds, Get Both Worlds!

With the Clamp-On Accessory for microMatteBox, you can use the microMatteBox as either a swing-away version, or a clamp-on version. Switch between the two modes with minimal fuss and effort, so you can tailor your gear to exactly each shoot’s needs.

Please note, an adapter ring is required for attaching the Clamp-On matte box to a specific lens. Please see related items.

Buying Guide

How does the Clamp-On Accessory for microMatteBox attach to my existing microMatteBox?

The Clamp-on Adapter replaces the current rear bellows of the microMatteBox. All necessary hardware is included.

Will this Clamp-On Accessory for microMatteBox work with my microMatteBox?

Yes, the Clamp-on Adapter works with all versions of the microMatteBox: Standard, Deluxe, or RED bundle.

Is this a one-way conversion, or can I convert my microMatteBox back to swing-away design?

No it is not a one-way conversion. You can convert back and forth between clamp-on and swing-away, one of the great features of this approach.

What lens diameters are supported by the Clamp-on Adapter for microMatteBox? 

The clamp-on matte box works by attaching to the front of your lens. We currently offer the following sizes for the lens outside diameter (not the threaded filter size): 85mm, 95mm, 110mm, 114mm, and 136mm. Specific diameters up to 142mm can be special ordered.

Can I attach the microMatteBox Clamp-On to my Still Photography Lenses?

Yes, but we offer the caution that lenses must be able to support the weight of the matte box. The Clamp-on Adapter must be attached to a lens that has one of the supported front diameters. Step rings can be used to attach the Clamp-on Adapter to photography lenses, but we only suggest attaching the Clamp-on to lenses with an all-metal construction.

Do I still need a rail system with this adapter?

No, the Clamp-on adapter enables the microMatteBox to attach the front of the lens without any rail support required.

Can I still use my top and side-flags with the clamp-on matte box?


Can I still use the new Universal Lens Donut with the clamp-on matte box?

No, the clamp-on version requires a solid direct connect to the lens. the Universal Lens Donut is soft cloth, and is designed for the swing away version of the microMatteBox.


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