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Redrock Micro Cobalt Cage For GoPro 1 & 2

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What's Included:

  • 1 x Colbalt Cage
  • 1 x Locking Latch for GoPro Housing
  • 1 x Finger-Mount Plate for GoPro Accessories
  • 1 x Flat-mount plate for video accessories
  • Dimmensions: 85mm x 85mm x 44mm (hxwxd)
  • Weight: 180g

Use your GoPro the way it is meant to be used: extreme POV, risky camera setups, insane camera mounts. Make it all happen while keeping your camera secure and your shots rock-solid and stable. 

Use Excessive Force.Capture unique images like never before thanks to the reinforced high tensile design of the Cobalt Cage. Unburden your GoPro from the plastic stock GoPro housing and its single point of contact, and expand your capabilities with twenty times the mounting points of the Cobalt Cage. The Cobalt Cage is impact-proof, crash-proof, crush-proof, and bullet proof, all while weighing only 85g more then the plastic GoPro Housing. 

Attach the GoPro inside of the Cobalt Cage with the GoPro Housing without needing tools for additional protection from the surrounding elements, or purchase the Deluxe Accessory Bundle to mount the GoPro camera naked within the cage. Mount Without Fear.The Cobalt Cage is made of precision-machined military-grade aluminium, and features integrated 1/4"-20 threads that surround the camera 360 degrees. 

Attach support rails and knuckles directly to the cage to create as many points of contact as necessary. Now, have the ability to mount the GoPro using a true triangulation method, which minimises vibrations and provides a more stable and secure mounting apparatus to your subject. Expand your arsenal of mounting options with suction cups, Cardellini clamps, speed rail, or mafer clamps. 

Free yourself from proprietary, difficult to position, and prone to wear accessories. Under-sling or side-sling the GoPro to achieve perspectives that are otherwise impossible to capture with just the GoPro stock housing.By giving you the option to bypass the GoPro Housing with the Cobalt Cage's open-air design, you eliminate the fogging that can plague otherwise gorgeous shots, while still keeping the camera and its optics protected. 

The Cobalt Cage also comes with a GoPro finger mount plate, for users who want to use their GoPro mounting accessories along side their new Cobalt Cage. Accessorise with 20 industry standard 1/4"-20 mounts and the detachable GoPro's "finger" mount, not only can you mount your GoPro to everything, you can mount everything to your GoPro. 

Add accessories such as LED lights, microphones, or other hot shoe accessories directly to the GoPro and create a self-contained setup ready to move from location to location. By attaching accessories directly to the cage, you minimise the chances of them creeping into frame, and it allows you to fit into even tighter locations. Utilising articulating ball heads allow for quick and accurate framing, without the need to fiddle with difficult-to tighten-knobs and unreliable joints.

Buying Guide:

What is the Cobalt Cage?

The Cobalt Cage is a mounting apparatus for use with the GoPro. It provides 20 times the mounting points then the GoPro housing, and allows for users to attach accessories directly to their cameras.

Can I use the Cobalt Cage without the GoPro Housing?

The Cobalt Cage is compatible with the GoPro both when it is in the underwater housing as well as when it is not

**Please note, to use the GoPro without the stock underwater housing, you will need the deluxe accessory kit.

Can I access the memory card and in/out ports while the camera is mounted in the Cobalt Cage?

The SD Card and in/out ports are accessible while the camera is mounted within the Cobalt Cage without the GoPro Underwater Housing.

Can I access all of the camera controls while mounted inside of the cage?

Yes, the record button can be accessed from both the back and the top of the cage. 

Can I use GoPro-specific accessories with the Cobalt Cage?

Yes, the Cobalt Cage includes a plate that replicates the GoPro's 2-finger prong mount.

Can I use GoPro Accessories like the LCD BacPac and Battery BacPac?

Yes, the Cobalt Cage is compatible with the GoPro, including when any BacPac systems are attached. 


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