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Redrock Micro Dogbone Adapter 19mm/15mm

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This item Includes:

  • 1x Dogbone Rail Clamp Adapter
  • 1x 19mm-15mm reducing ring

The Dogbone is a convenient way to attach 15mm accessories to your studio rail system that is both secure and at the correct height. The Dogbone is used most often to position the microRemote Torque motor when lens and rail support combinations require additional height or unusual motor positioning.  The supplied 19mm-15mm reducing ring enables the Dogbone to be used on 19mm or 15mm studio rails, and adapts any standard 15mm accessory. 

Weight: 71g

Buying Guide

What is a Dogbone?

The Dogbone Rail Clamp Adapter adapts 15mm accessories to be used on 19mm rails, or on 15mm studio rails. 

What can I use it for?

Most often, it is used for positioning a remote focus motor (such as the Redrock microRemote Torque motors) where the camera support rails are too far away to use the standard motor clamp. This is most common when using studio style support rails (such as 19mm or 15mm studio offset) and with smaller lenses, such as Cooke Panchros, Zeiss ultraprimes, etc. Of course, Dogbone use is not limited to this, and can be used to adapt any type of 15mm accessory to these rails where additional height or distance is desired.

Will it work with my accessory or motor?

It will work with any accessory that has a standard 15mm rail clamp attachment.


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