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Redrock Micro Handgrip Stub For Microremote Fingerwheel

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The Handgrip Stub for microRemote Fingerwheel allows you to use the microRemote Fingerwheel with inverted hand grips. Replaces the microHandGrip end plug and attaches to rig hand grip using second grip lock. Results in a 1/8" stub to attach the Fingerwheel.

Lifetime warranty, made in the USA. 

PLEASE NOTE: The Fingerwheel Handgrip Stub is an accessory for the microHandGrip, and requires this handgrip to function properly. It is not required to attach the fingerwheel to the handgrip when the handgrip is correctly oriented, such as on shouldermount or handheld rigs.

Buying Guide:

What is the Handgrip Stub for microRemote Fingerwheel?

The Handgrip Stub for microRemote Fingerwheel is an optional accessory for the microHandGrip that allows you to attach the microRemote Fingerwheel controller to the handgrip when the handgrip is used upside down.

Is it required for attaching my microRemote Fingerwheel to your handgrip?

No, you can attach the microRemote Fingerwheel to our microHandGrip just by following the directions supplied with the Fingerwheel. However, if you wish to use the handgrip upside down (such as on a ManCam type of rig) this accessory makes the mounting and use of the Fingerwheel much more convenient.

Can I use the Handgrip Stub for microRemote Fingerwheel with third party handgrips?

No. Handgrips from other manufacturers are designed with their own proprietary standards, so they may not work with the Handgrip Stub.


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