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Redrock Micro Micro3d No Shroud

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Award Winning


The Redrock micro3D SxS is a state-of-the-art rig for 3D production using two video cameras in a side by side (SxS) configuration. This award-winning rig features locking adjustments, precision machining, all-metal constructions, and the full complement of adjustments demanded by professional 3D setups.




The micro3D SxS is designed with smaller size and weight in mind to minimize demands that large heavy 3D rigs place on productions. 3D rigs with the micro3D deliver shorter setup times, lighter weight support equipment requirements, and simpler configurations. The micro3D rig is optimized for small format cameras such as the Canon XF105, but can support larger cameras including the Canon XF305, Sony EX3, and even the Red ONE.

Please Note: This item does not include the shroud which is specifically designed for the Canon XF100/105 series cameras. If you wish to purchase the version with the shroud please see related items for that version of the micro3D rig.  

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