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Redrock Micro Micromattbox Universal Donut Accessory

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Category: Lighting-&-Studio-Light-Stands-&-Mounting-Clamps-&-Clips, Redrock

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Product Features:

  • Supports lenses up to 138mm front diameter (up to 142mm by special order)
  • Can be added or removed in seconds
  • Flexible design supports zoom lenses with varying lengths
  • Works with existing microMatteBox swing-away versions

The Universal Lens Donut is the perfect accessory that enables fast lens changes and eliminates light leaks for your microMatteBox. An alternative to the traditional pre-cut donuts that only supported specific lens fronts, the Universal Donut is made of flexible light-proof cloth and a flexible drawstring, so it easily wraps around lenses of any diameter up to 142mm. The added cloth also functions as a bellows, so zoom lenses that change length can also be used in a mattebox while still preventing light leaks.

The Universal Lens Donut is great for any configuration where constant lens changes of different diameters are required. It is also ideal for use with still photography zoom lenses that may have external barrel movement during zooms. The drawstring will keep the cloth tight around the lens even as the front element moves in and out.

PLEASE NOTE: The Universal Lens Donut is not compatible with the Clamp-On Adapter for microMatteBox.

Buying Guide

What is the Universal Lens Donut?

The Universal Lens Donut (also referred to as “nun’s knickers”) is a light-blocking cloth attachment for the rear of the matte box that blocks all incoming light and reflections. It secures around the lens with a cord, and is adjustable to fit a wide variety of lens diameters. 

What is the difference between the Universal Lens Donut and traditional donuts? 

Traditional neoprene donuts are pre-cut to specific lens diameters, so operators may also have to change out the donut when changing lenses. the Universal Lens Donut features a drawstring allowing the single donut to accept a large range of lenses without changing this part out. 

How does the Universal Lens Donut secure to my microMatteBox? 

The Universal Lens Donut features a flexible steel ring that can be attached inside the microMatteBox similar to a traditional lens donut.

How does the Universal Lens Donut attach to my lens?

The Universal Lens Donut features a drawstring and lock that allows it to wrap around any lens and create a light-proof seal.

Will the Universal Lens Donut work with the clamp-on version of the microMatteBox?

No - the Universal Lens Donut works with the swing-away version of the microMatteBox only. The clamp-on requires a hard connection to the lens.


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