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Redrock Micro Microremote Wireless Bundle No Cables

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The microRemote Wireless Bundle Includes:

  • 1 microRemote handheld wireless controller
  • 1 microRemote basestation
  • 1 Redrock Torque motor

The Redrock microRemote Wireless Focus Bundle with flexCables brings an entirely new level of price and performance to professional-level focus control. This bundle includes all the main components needed for controlling your lens' focus wirelessly with precision and power. Unlike other products that rely on a specific camera or lens combination, the microRemote is a universal focusing solution, and works on virtually every camera and lens, including still photo and cinema lenses. This is especially valuable as your needs and cameras evolve with each project or even with each shot.

Please note: This microRemote bundle does not ship with any cables. Cables must be purchased separately

Smooth Lens Control

The system maps any lens to its full 270 degrees of rotation, including DSLR lenses. You can change the lens direction, and use the unit left- or right-handed. Camera run/stop allows you to remotely start and stop your camera. The smooth weighted focus wheel has an exceptional feel and offers adjustable hard stops.

With the Redrock Torque motor, you can attach this to virtually any lens and camera combination: the microRemote is not limited to a specific camera body or lens type. The microRemote handheld wireless unit controls the motor via the basestation, and delivers precise and fast focus pulls previously only found in expensive high-end professional focus units.

Advanced Features

The microRemote Basestation offers advanced features for automatic lens calibration or, if you use DSLR lenses with "infinite spinning" focus rings, you can calibrate end stops manually. The basestation also provides centralised power to the motors and microTape (if one is attached).

Extremely Affordable

The microRemote handheld controller is a professional-level wireless device loaded with features that make focusing easier and more intuitive.


Unique to the microRemote is the ability to use more than one type of controller: the wireless handheld, tethered (wired handheld), fingerwheel, or follow focus emulation with the optional handwheel. This bundle contains only the wireless handheld, but other bundles can be bought without any overlap in product or price.

The microRemote can be used in virtually any situation where it is difficult to pull focus directly from the camera: steadicam, jib arms, cranes, or just to have some extra room. In situations where wireless may not be possible or allowed, tethering cables that can be purchased separately allow the microRemote for direct, interference-free operation.

This bundle is also fully upgradeable to our wired controller options. Just add the inexpensive fingerwheel controller and it is ready to go for operator-controlled focus on a handheld rig, or as another control option for jibs and cranes. The microRemote Wireless Bundle is lightweight, compact, and an exceptional value.

Key Features:

  • Works with virtually all cameras and lenses
  • Automatic lens calibration (with manual calibration option)
  • All lenses map to an expansive 270 degrees of rotation
  • Left- or right-handed operation
  • Lanyard loop
  • Powerful Redrock Torque motor works with both cinema and still lenses
  • Handwheel with adjustable hard stops
  • Camera run/stop feature (with appropriate cable)
  • Fingerwheel can be added for operator control
  • Handheld can be used in tethered or wireless modes
  • All-digital system

The microRemote FAQ

 Please read this carefully, it covers the different configurations of the microRemote system. Make sure you are reading answers specific to your system.

Can I use microRemote with a gimbal like MoVI or DJI Ronin?

Yes. The microRemote's size and weight make it a great solution for gimbal users who need to pull focus. For a handheld option simply purchase our microRemote Fingerwheel add-on.

Is the microRemote a digital or analog system?

The microRemote is an all-digital system, which is extremely precise, offers advanced features such as automated lens calibration, and is less prone to certain types of interference.

Does the microRemote have automatic lens calibration?

Yes. The microRemote offers both automatic and manual lens calibration.

Can I use the same basestation for wired and wireless controllers?

Yes, the basestation supports both wired and wireless control. The only exception is the microRemote ENG Bundle, which has no wireless option in the basestation, and is designed only for wired controllers.

I bought the Handheld Bundle with the fingerwheel controller; can I add the microRemote hand controller for wireless operation?

Yes, you simply purchase the wireless handheld controller and it automatically works with the rest of the microRemote components. You can also add the fingerwheel to the microRemote wireless bundle. You'll have the best of both worlds wherever you start.

How is the microRemote system powered? 

The microRemote system is powered using external battery such as Anton Bauer, IDX, Switronix, etc. You need a powerful battery because moving a lens instantly and precisely takes a fair bit of energy. The microRemote handheld units are powered with internal batteries.

Does the microRemote work with the powerPack?

Yes, in fact it's a great way to power multiple camera-top devices including the microRemote. You still need an external battery, and the powerPack provides power splitting, conditioning, voltage conversion, and monitoring.

Is microRemote compatible with other motors?

Yes, in addition to the Redrock Torque motors, the microRemote system is compatible with Heden digital motors. It has also been suggested the microRemote is compatible with Preston motors, though we have not yet verified this.

Will the microRemote be powerful enough to drive my lens?

The microRemote system includes the Redrock Torque motors to meet the vast majority of focus needs, and compatibility with even more powerful motors for using the biggest, toughest lenses. The Redrock Torque motor is a powerful, all-digital motor designed to work with all cameras and most lenses. We've successfully tested the Redrock Torque motors work with the following:

  • Canon EOS lenses
  • Zeiss DSLR lenses
  • Zeiss CP2 lenses
  • Nikon F mount lenses
  • Almost all other DSLR lenses (Sigma, Tamron, Tokina, Olympus, Sony, etc.) where the lens ring is at least 1/2" wide (for fitting a lens gear)
  • Cooke Panchros
  • Arri Ultra Primes
  • Arri Master Primes
  • Canon Cine Primes
  • Canon Cine Zooms

(we continue to test, and expect this list to continue growing)

If your lens is not listed here, it's likely the Torque motor can drive your lens as well. If your lens is exceptionally stiff, or has a lot of glass to move (such as the large cinema zooms from Cooke or Angenieux), the microRemote offers compatibility with Heden digital motors, including the M26VE. We recommend this motor for those situations where maximum power is a requirement.

Can I use it with my microFollowFocus unit?

They are different products, and do not share the same focus mechanism. The microRemote controls focus through a specialised high torque motor controlled electronically by the basestation. With the microFollowFocus, you simply reach up with your hand and move the knob which is directly connected to the lens mechanically.

So they are complementary and you may consider owning both types of follow focuses. In some cases you'll want to use the microRemote, other times it's easier and more intuitive to simply reach up use the microFollowFocus.

How does it work with lenses that don't have hard stops, like Canon EOS lenses?

The microRemote has several options that are ideal for still lenses. You can use the manual lens calibration to set the end points on the lenses, and the shorter throw distance of still lenses is mapped to the full 270 degrees of rotation for precise, nuanced focusing. For Nikon lenses, the microRemote handheld controller can reverse direction.

Is it compatible with my camera and lens?

Most likely yes. The microRemote is not limited to specific camera body or lens type, and works across an incredibly wide range of systems.

My lens has a very short distance between close focus and infinity. How does the microRemote improve this?

All lenses are mapped to the full 270 rotation of the microRemote. This is especially helpful for DSLR lenses that have very short throws. The expanded mapping enables more refined and precise focus pulls on these lenses.

Can I reverse lens direction?

Yes - the microRemote has a push-button feature to reverse lens direction so you can use all lenses in the correct cinema direction.

Can I use the microRemote left or right handed?


What happens if there is too much wireless interference?

The microRemote can be used in tethered mode, where you use an optional wire to connect the microRemote to the basestation. This avoids all wireless interference and gives you exceptional performance under virtually any conditions.

What is the maximum distance for wireless?

The microRemote range is rated up to 1 mile (1600m) line of sight. Obstructions, interference, or other conditions will affect that distance.

Can I use the microRemote for zoom or iris?

Yes, you can attach the motor to any geared ring on the lens, if you prefer to control zoom or iris instead of focus.

Can I use the microRemote for more than one function at one time? For example, for focus AND zoom?

The microRemote is currently a single channel focus controller. You can use it for one function at a time. You can always run two or more systems simultaneously to control zoom and focus (for example), each with its own controller.

Does it work with DSLR lenses?

Yes, you just need to have a gear on the lens' focus ring. The microLensGears are an excellent choice for this. Also the microRemote system has special features for calibrating DSLR lenses automatically or manually, even if they have an “infinite spin” focus ring.

Will it work with my cinema lenses, such as PL-mount Zeiss, Arri, etc.?

Yes - it is designed to work with any lenses and cameras, including Red, PL-mount cinema lenses, HDSLR, video cameras, etc. If your lens is exceptionally large or stiff, the microRemote can also be used with extremely high torque third party digital motors such as Heden or Preston.

Can the microRemote be powered with Anton Bauer?

Yes - D-tap for 14.4v brick batteries (such as Anton Bauer, Sony V-mount, IDX, Switronix, etc.) is a standard option to power the microRemote. Please see the microRemote power FAQ: http://on.fb.me/lnhKLs

Can I program the microRemote to do a long timelapse? Can it be programmed to change focus slowly over a long period?

The microRemote is designed for cinema production video, so it's optimised for real-time control of focus. Time lapse photography is very different and is not a good fit for the microRemote.


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