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Redrock Micro Microshoe Clamp

Redrock EC80110
0000032490| Redrock Micro Microshoe Clamp
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About the Redrock Micro Microshoe Clamp

The microShoeClamp securely connects to the top of your video DSLR hot shoe and delivers a solid point for attaching top rails. It works with any camera that has a standard hot or cold shoe mount, and works with industry-standard 15mm rails of virtually any length. Top rails can then be used to securely mount multiple cinema accessories, including top handle, monitor, microphone, lens motors, etc.


Important note regarding use of your camera's hotshoe with Redrock support accessories:


On professional body DSLR cameras the hotshoe is a sturdy connection that is screwed directly to the single piece, cast magnesium camera body. As a result, it is exceptionally strong. However, no camera manufacturer currently provides ratings for how much weight the hotshoe is capable of supporting, so please use caution and common sense when attaching accessories and supporting weight with products such as the microShoeClamp and microHandle.


Redrock recommends that only the camera body and a moderately sized lens be supported by the microShoeClamp. Professional bodies include the Canon 5D series cameras, Canon 7D series, Canon 1D series, Nikon D3 series, Nikon D700 series, and Nikon D300 series.


Consumer camera bodies do not have the same cast magnesium body and as a result we do not recommend supporting any weight with the microShoeClamp hot shoe adapter. Consumer bodies include the Canon Rebel (Ti) series cameras, Nikon D90 series, and Panasonic Lumix series.

The microShoeClamp can be used to attach hotshoe accessories that do not support weight, such as a light panel, monitor, or microphone.

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