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Black Eyespy DSLR Bundle

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The ultraCage Black eyeSpy for DSLR includes:

  • UltraCage Black Professional Series for DSLR
  • Universal Shoe Clamp
  • 2 x microHandGrip
  • 18" 15mm Carbon Fibre Rails - Pair
  • 9" 15mm Carbon Fibre Rails - Pair
  • microLink4 Riser
  • Handlebar 15mm Rod - 4"
  • Handlebar 15mm rod - 8"
  • microShoulderPad with FieldTech

The ultraCage Black eyeSpy for DSLR is an ideal shoulder mount rig for handheld shooting when using DSLR cameras with built-in viewfinders for monitoring. The ultraCage Black eyeSpy rig offsets the camera to be positioned so the camera's eyepiece is easily used and viewable.

The ultraCage Black eyeSpy combines the best of Redrock's award winning cinema accessories with the ultraCage Black for DSLR to make rig that is comfortable for all day shooting.


The ultraCage eyeSpy can be configured in a number of ways to exactly meet your needs and shooting style. Choose the amount and type of counterbalance (weights or use an external battery brick), follow focus, and other accessories. The ultraCage offers a unique powered cage through the optional powerPack accessory, which attaches via 1/4”-20 mounts to the cage and delivers advanced power to all your camera-top accessories.

Features and Benefits

  • Solid shouldermount support - uses Redrock accessories that have been field tested in thousands of productions worldwide.
  • Includes the ultraCage Black - all the advanced features in a form-fitting cage for your DSLR.
  • Configure and extend to your exact shooting style - every aspect of the shouldermount system can be adjusted to your body size, position, and shooting requirements.
  • Convert to other rigs quickly and easily - reconfigure the system quickly and easily without tools for tripod, handheld or anything else you can imagine (some configurations may require additional accessories)
  • Powered cage option - attach the optional powerPack directly to the ultraCage for a complete power solution for all your camera-top devices, and as a bonus use your external battery as counterbalance.

Buying Guide

What DSLRs are compatible with the ultraCage?

Most standard height DSLRs are compatible with the ultraCage, including: Canon 5D MK III, 5D MK II, 7D, 6D, 60D*, Canon Rebel series* (T2i, T3i, T4i) Nikon D90, D300s, D600, D800 Sony A50 series, A60 series, A70 series.

*Battery door is blocked when inside the cage. Suggested use with AC Power adapter.

Does the ultraCage work with taller cameras such as the 1D X or Nikon D4, or ones that have an add-on battery grip?

No - the ultraCage DSLR fits the shorter form factor of standard DSLRs. For taller DSLRs or add-on battery grips, consider the lowBase DSLR support plate. 

Can I use other cameras with the ultraCage Black DSLR, such as micro four thirds (MFT) cameras?

Yes these cameras are compatible with the ultraCage, but they are smaller, so all features of the ultraCage may not work exactly the same (for example, the bottom battery door is covered on the smaller MFT cameras, and the cage won't be as form-fitting).

Can I add other ultraCage components, such as the rear cage?

Yes you can add virtually any other ultraCage Black accessory. For a powered cage, use the powerPack Universal edition.

Do I still have access to the battery door or other ports?

Yes - the ultraCage maintains access to the battery door, memory card door, HDMI output ports, and control buttons and supported cameras.

Do I need Counterbalance?

To keep shoulder rigs balanced, filmmakers often use batteries, weights, or external recorders in the rear of the rig to offset the weight of the camera and monitor. This reduces fatigue on the arms and allows for longer steadier shooting. Consider picking up a microBalance QR 1.8kg Weight Kit.

Can I add a Top Handle?

The ultraCage Top handle adds a convent point of contact for transporting and low mode shooting with any ultraCage rig.

Related Accessories

wireLock Locking Mechanism

The wireLock reinforces the HDMI connection with a solid locking mechanism, and converts the mini HDMI connection into a more secure full size HDMI.


For more critical focus pulling, we suggest having a microFollowFocus or microFollowFocus Black Professional Series. By attaching a follow focus to the rig, you add the ability to place repeatable focus marks, as well as allow a camera assistant to pull focus for you with one of our varying sized whips.


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